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Chinese Mask

Object is a mask. It is carved from a dark wood, with the outside painted black. The mask depicts a smiling human face, with a hole carved for each eye and the open mouth. There is a cord that is situated around the back of the mask attached to the edges of the mask, presumably to hold the mask to the wearer's face.

Chinese Puzzle Ball and Stand

Object 'a' is a chinese puzzle ball made from ivory, containing upwards of seven layers of orbs. The outer-most orb depicts three intertwining dragons whose eyes are painted black,and twelve circular holes. The internal orbs depict tiny stars, as well as having their own holes. Object 'b' is the stand for the chinese puzzle ball, and is also made of ivory. The bottom rim is carved into leaf-like shapes, while the top of the base is seperated into to rings, with the outer featuring simple cross-hatching while the inner ring featuring cross-hatching and two flowers. The stand extends upwards into a depiction of an upward-facing dragon. The stand continues out of the dragons mouth as a thinner pillar before attatching to a wider section which is decorated with four largers and eight smaller stars. The stand resumes into a thinner post, with the top forming a bowl-like shape.

Honourary Colonel Metal

Object is a metal or award. It is comprised of a rounded piece at the top, which bears a hole. Said hole is strung through with two silver-blue tassles. This shape is connected to a circle, and below that it a trapezoid. On the front side, the circle dsiplays five horses running towards the left, and above them is the number "2" within a triangle. The trapezoid contains text, reading "Hon. Robert N. Thompson 14 Jan 1970 Ltg Chae Myung Shin CG Second Republic of Korea Army." On the back side, the circle displays a large square with carved symbols within it. On the left of the symbol are Chinese characters, which reads when roughly translated "The fourth year of the day and the third month,, the prince must have five horse cards Shangruiyuan." The Trapezoid below bears more chinese characters, which reads when roughly translated "Robert N. Thompson Congressman 1970 . 1. 14. 2nd Army Commander Lieutenant General Chae Myung Shin."

Ivory elephant sculpture

Object is an ivory elephant. The elephant as pointed toes, as well as carved gouges across the front legs, under the head, and across the trunk and forehead. Its pupils are painted black.

Ivory Scene sculpture

Object is a carved tusk. It depicts an intricate rural Chinese scene, featuring figures bowing to one another, figures riding fishing boats and horses, figures carrying cargo, figures sitting at tables, and figures carrying another's robes. It also depicts trees, temples, houses, and gateways.

Marble Lion Statue

Object is a carved marble statue. It depicts a lion standing on a podium with its mouth open. The lion has detailed fur that curals around its head and face, downturned ears, and a wide muzzle. In front of the lion there is an orb, carved with teardrop patterns, as well as long streamers coming off of it.

Nationalist China Coin Set

Object is two silver coins. On one side is the side profile of Minister Chiang Ching-Kuo, with chinese text surrounding it, which reads when roughly translated "President Chiang 80th birthday, Octobert 31st, 55th year of the Republic of China. The opposing side features two crains standing in a field of flowers, framed by a decorative border. Chinese characters on the bottom read when roughly translated "2000 yuan." The coins are kept in a red coin case. The outer shell is made from plastic with a gold Chinese character on the front, the inside edges lined with gold. The inside is red as well, the upper portion cushioned with satin, and the lower portion with a velvet inset with two circular holding spaces for the coins. A metal plate below the coins reads "With Compliments of Minister Chiang Ching-Kuo Republic of China." A note is enclosed, which reads "Nationalist China, new type 2000 yuan dated 1966. This is a companion piece to the 1 yuan announced earlier and both minted at the Taipei Mint. Both were released on October 31, 1966 to commemorate the 80th birthday of president Chiang Kai-shek and the 55th year of the Republic of China. Presented on the obverse is a bust of Chiang facing left, with a legend below in Chinese characters which translates to: President Chiang 80th birthday, October 31st, 55th year of the Republic of China. The reverse (c)arries a depiction of two cranes in a field of flowers and frames by a decorative border with Chinese characters below indicating the value. The 1 yuan is of nickel-silver. Chiang formed the National China government on the island of Formosa in 1949 after he and his followers were driven from the mainland.

Plaque with Fragment of Bomb Shell

Object is a plaque. It is made of a dark wood, and features two metal plaques on the front. The upper one reads "Presented to Robert N. Thompson One fragment of about a million Russian-made shells landed on Kimmen from Commanding General Kimmen Defense Command Republic of China 1 Mar 1967." The lower plaque is in chinese. There is a black, jagged shrapnel glued to the center of the plaque.