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Dagger and Leather Sheath 1

Object is a dagger and sheath. The dagger has a ivory and ebony handle. The blade is not visible, as it is stuck in the sheath. The sheath is made from a light brown leather, impressed with leaves on the sides and circles in the centre. There is an intricate gold band formed around the upper half of the sheath, displaying a repeating figure-eight-like spiral pattern. The top edge of the sheath is blanket-stitched with red leather, attached to a red leather loop on the back of the sheath.

Decorative Wooden Plate

Object is a decorative wooden plate. It is carved from a medium red-brown wood. The center of the plate has a painted scene that depicts a thin tree in the foreground, the ground lush with foliage, a white traditional Ethiopian house with a brown thatched roof, and a mountain in the background, the sky multiple shades of yellow.

Oil Lamp

Object is an oil lamp. It is comprised of a silver metal, possibly tin, shaped into a short cylinder with a thin, curved handle on one side. On top of the cylinder is a wide tube that folds into a dome-like shape before forming into a thinner tube. The thin tube contains a small, yellow piece of fabric emerging from it. There is a small circular sticker on the side of the cylinder that reads "74D." There is also a sticker on the bottom that reads "(33) Tin Lantern Traditional."

Clay Cup

Object is a charcoal grey cup. It features a flared base that narrows into the stem, carved with two stripes, a section of vertical dashes, a small gap in the pattern, then a section of vertical dashes, and then two further carved lines. The stem flares into the bowl of the cup. The external bowl is carved with four vertical lines of dots, each three dots wide. It has a wide, flat rim.

Wooden Hair Comb

Object is a large wooden hair comb. The comb is hand-carved from a dark brown wood. The handle begins in a circular shape, transitioning into an uneven diamond before expanding into the base for the teeth. There are 24 long teeth, each narrowing towards their ends.

Knife and Leather Sheath 1

Object is a knife and leather sheath. The knife has a dark metal blade, which is rectangular near the hilt, but thins into a point at the end. The handle is covered in red and black leather, cit into a small pattern. The butt of the knife features a triangular piece of metal. The leather sheath is made up of tan and red leather. The top of the sheath is a strip of tan leather, a braided leather loop attached to one side, which is looped through with a larger red leather loop. Below is a section of red leather, which--on one side, features two indents with impressed dors within them. Below is another section of tan leather, which gradually grows thinner until it reaches a red leather nub at the bottom.

Knife 2

Object is a knife. The handle is made from a worn brown wood, with three screws driven through the lower, center, and upper portions of the handle. The blade is silver, and is very long and thin, curving upwards into a point.

Wooden Head Rest

Object is a head rest carved from a dark brown wood. The head rest features a oval base which gradually thins and forms into four small pillars, which attach to the bottom of the thin, curved section to hold the head.

Raffia Small Bowl with Stylized Edge

Object is a small dyed raffia bowl with stylized chevron edge in bands of alternating colours of red, cream, and green. The centre of the bowl is green, followed by cream, red, orange and purple.

Child death mask

Object is an ebony carved mask of a child with a flat back. The child has rounded cheeks, a pointed chin, and their mouth is slightly turned down. The child's face is placed on a rounded surface with carved half moons on either side of the child's ears. The left moon is missing. The top is carved hollow diamond, possible for hanging.

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