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Ethiopia -- Africa
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Ethiopian Airlines Business Card Holder

Object is a white painted metal business card holder for Ethiopian Airlines. The text is written in red and outlined in black with a stylized lion standing with its front paws up an tongue. The holder contains empty manilla alphabetized card holders.

Breda Model 35 Grenade Case

Object is a red cylinder Breda Model 35 hand grenade case. The case has a ribbed body and the bottom screws off. The top has slots on opposite sides of different sizes where the safety cap and handle were attached. The Breda hand grenade were manufactured in Italy.

Silver Ear-Cleaning Implement and Case

Object is small vessel made from an unidentifed animal hair in brown with white bands at the top, middle and base. The neck of the vessel can be removed revealling a hollow inside with a hand forged metal needle.

Gold Cufflinks

Object is a set of golden cufflinks. The cufflink portrays the Lion of Judah, which is a lion facing right with a crown and staff. The cufflinks are stored in a red case that is lined with white satin and red velvet. The cufflinks are held in place by two white strings. The case contains a handwritten note that reads " Gold cufflinks presented to RNT by Haile Selassie."

Horn Flask with leather strap

Object is a drinking flask. It is made from an animal horn. The top of the flask bears a carved wooden stopper, which is threaded through with a small leather strap, which is attached to the larger leather strap. Below the opening is a section of leather sewn on, impressed with detailed shapes and patterns. The horn flask grows wider towaards the bottom, which was a second, larger section of leather attached, also impressed with detailed patterns. The larger leather strap attaches to both the upper and lower sections of patterned leather.

Horn Cup

Object is a cup carved from the horn of an animal, possibly a buffalo. It is mostly dark brown (clouded with sections of white), fading into light brown near the rim. The narrower base features one wide and two narrow decorative ridges, and it widens to the rim. Near the rim, there are two sets of three horizontal lines carved into the cup.

Earthen Vessel 2

Object is a reddish-brown vessel, possibly made of a stone-based clay. It begins with a flat base, which widens into a spherical section which bears a small spout. The vessel then narrows towards the top section. A curved handle connects to the spherical section and the narrow top opening. The spherical section is carved with a single horizontal line as well as multiple sets of parallel lines with many small dashes between them. There is also two horizontal lines round the base of the narrow section, between is many small dashes.

Earthen Vessel 1

Object is a reddish-brown vessel, possibly made of a stone-based clay. It begins with a flat base, which widens into a spherical section, before narrowing towards the top opening. The outside is carved with Two horizontal lines around the spherical section, as well as three cross-hatched pyramid shape above it, and three horizontal lines around the base of the narrow section.

Silver Coin Spoons

Object is two silver spoons. The bowl of each spoon is made from a 50 Matonas coin, which bears the likeness of Haile Selassie. A spiral handle is connected to the coin, and ends with a small loop.

Raised brass Ethiopian Circular object

Object is a brass circular item, possibly a serving dish. The item features three square legs carved with lions. Atop these legs is a circular piece, featuring linking lines carved around the rim as well as four lions and one elephant. The center contains a small cylindrical inset bowl or dish with an elephant carved on the bottom.

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