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Bear Claw

Object is a bear paw. There is medium-brown fur along the top of the paw, which bears five claws. There is a patch image attatched to the paw made of red, yellow, green, and white fabric, displaying an embroidered portait of Haile Selassie within a ring of leaves and a crown hovering about his head. There is also a golden pin attatched to the bottom of patch, featuring The Lion of Judah emblem.

Boy Scouts Beret

Object is a wool Boy Scouts of Canada beret. The outside of the cap is made of forest green wool, with a kite-shaped embroidered patch readomg "Boy Scouts Canada" in yellow and a red fleur-de-lis. Both the internal cotton or polyester lining and leather rim are black. The internal lining is stamped with the following words "Official Beret Boy Scouts of Canada by Fashion Hat & Cap Toronto Canada," as well as "name," under which is a white square where the name "Robert" is written faintly in black pen. On the back of the cap, there are four eyelets that act as a laced closure. The lace on the closure and its black plastic aglets are black.

Breda Model 35 Grenade Case

Object is a red cylinder Breda Model 35 hand grenade case. The case has a ribbed body and the bottom screws off. The top has slots on opposite sides of different sizes where the safety cap and handle were attached. The Breda hand grenade were manufactured in Italy.

Carved Wooden Pith Helmet (African)

Object is a African Pith Helmet. It is carved from a medium-brown wood. The hat has a downward-angled brim, which features a curved indent along the front, painted black, now faded. Four ridges bridge the brim and the main portion of the helmet, which featureas an intent running width-wise across the middle of the main portion, which is also painted black. There is a raised circle on the top of the helmet, as well as two arration holes on each side of the helmet.

Carved Wooden Spoon

Object is a handmade spoon. The spoon is carved from a tan wood, featuring a carved handle. The handle is shaped into two ends, forming into one as it reaches the leaf-shaped bowl. The banlde is carved with horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and cross-hatched lines.

Conference of Heads of African States Commemorative Coin

Object is a double sided commemorative coin recognizing the Conference of Heads of African States held in Addis Ababa, May 1963. The front side with the text features the Africa Hall building where the conference was held. The back features a royal crest with the Ethiopian crown and commanding star above. Laurel wreaths enclose the crest on either side.

Earthen Vessel 1

Object is a reddish-brown vessel, possibly made of a stone-based clay. It begins with a flat base, which widens into a spherical section, before narrowing towards the top opening. The outside is carved with Two horizontal lines around the spherical section, as well as three cross-hatched pyramid shape above it, and three horizontal lines around the base of the narrow section.

Earthen Vessel 2

Object is a reddish-brown vessel, possibly made of a stone-based clay. It begins with a flat base, which widens into a spherical section which bears a small spout. The vessel then narrows towards the top section. A curved handle connects to the spherical section and the narrow top opening. The spherical section is carved with a single horizontal line as well as multiple sets of parallel lines with many small dashes between them. There is also two horizontal lines round the base of the narrow section, between is many small dashes.

Ethiopian Air Force Commander's Cap

Object is a military cap made of canvas and leather. The olive-coloured canvas forms the upper portion of the cap. The front of the hat bears a embroidered crest of wings, a wreath, and a coat of arms with slightly shiny thread. while the brim is brown leather. There is a leather strap across the front half of the hat just above the rim, fastened on either side by silver buttons. The internal lining is a pale green cotton with brown thread threaded in a crisscross pattern, as well as a pale leather sweatband. There is also lime green velvet stitched to the front half of the internal rim.

Ethiopian Air Force Commander's Cap

Object is an Ethiopian Commander's wedge cap. The external cotton-canvas is army green, while the fabric within the outer folds of the hat--as well as the inner lining--are brown. The internal rim is lined with brown leather. The front left side of the hat features an embroidered emblem in gold-ish thread, depicting a set of wings and a star.

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