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Vancouver -- British Columbia
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Family and Children's Law Report

File consists of a bound copy of Part VII of "Fifth Report of the Royal Commission on Family and Children's Law," which pertains to Adoption.

Infant Act 1992

  • CA TWU MS-12-55 05
  • Akt
  • August 1975-November 30, 1992
  • Teil vonMel Smith fonds

File consists of the "Medical Consent of Minors" section of the "Twelfth Report of the Royal Commission on Family and Children's Law," as well as faxes from the College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia, The Ministry of Heath and Ministry Responsible for Seniors, Bull, Housser, & Tupper, and Focus on the Family. It also includes a letter to "parents" regarding the act.

OttawaWatch 20: Billy and the Pope.

Article synopsis: Study of the juxta positioning of Catholicism, mainstream Protestantism, Orthodoxy and evangelicalism through the rapport between Billy Graham and Pope John Paul II.

OttawaWatch 163: West heads east ? maybe.

Article synopsis: Discusses four federal by-elections in terms of their relative effects on the future goverance in Ottawa. The by-elections are: two in Toronto, Vancouver/Quadra, and northern Saskatchewan.