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Ottawa -- Ontario
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Canadian Ensign Flag

Object is a Canadian Red Ensign flag that was the last to fly over the Parliament buildings in Canada. The flag features the Union Jack from the United Kingdom and is embellished with the Arms of Canada as a shield in the bottom right quarter. The shield is divided into four quarters, consisting of the coats of arms of England, Scotland, Ireland and the Kingdom of France, the four founding nations of Canada. At the base is a sprig of three maple leaves representing Canada.

OttawaWatch 363: Somebody's place in Ottawa.

Article synopsis: Introduces the concept of faith-political interfacing with the former Ottawa “My Place-Chez Moi” established by Wes McLeod as a place where political leaders and groups of various faiths can exchange ideas.

OttawaWatch 351: St. Andrew's sidelight.

Article synopsis: Discusses Parliament Hill staff, Diane Scharf's response from the OttawaWatch piece on St. Andrew's Prebyterian Church special service and Scharf's political service.

OttawaWatch 349: St Andrew's and the omnibus.

Article synopsis: Discusses St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church special service for public servants that spoke to their post-cutback job prospects. In addition, the article briefly discusses the omnibus budget continued debate on Parliament Hil.

OttawaWatch 343: A peek into The Hot Room.

Article synopsis: Author shares an image featuring Parliamentary Press Gallery journalists in "The Hot Room" taken by reporter Laura Ryckewaert for The Hill Times, and discusses their colleagues Alex Binkley, Pierre Girourd, Paul Gaboury and Mark Bourrie and their work on Parliment Hill.

OttawaWatch 324: Imagine that!

Article synopsis: Discusses the Imagine Canada organization that coordinated the National Summit for the Charitable and Nonprofit Sector in Ottawa. The article also highlights speakers from the summit, such as National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, and Calgary's Mayor Naheed Neshi to name a few.

OttawaWatch 320: The pastor and the imam.

Article synopsis: Reflects on the panel discussion sponsored by Initiatives of Change held in Ottawa, at St. Paul University that involved Imam Muhammad Ashafa, and his Pentecostal pastor fellow peacemonger, James Wuye and their work in Kenya, Africa.

OttawaWatch319: Convivum and Neighbourliness.

Article synopsis: Discusses two Ottawa events communicated the faith-political interface, the Hill Lecture featured National Post columnist Raymond de Souza, a Catholic priest and editor of the periodical, Convivium committed to communicating “faith in our common life." The second event was the Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast.

OttawaWatch 282: Big State vs. Big Society.

Article synopsis: Shares an article that was written for the National Post that was not posted concerning the former British Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith keynote address at the Insitute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC) conference held in Ottawa.

OttawaWatch 281: Queen-watching and Holy Posting.

Article synopsis: Discusses Queen Elizabeth II visit to Ottawa and the symbolism of the monarch's visist to New York to address the United Nations. The article also discusses the results from Write! Canada Christian writers' conference held-June in Guelph, Ontario.

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