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Photograph offaculty member Frank Eshelman writing on the chalkboard.

David Rushton and a student

Photograph of David Rushton, music professor, seated at a table covered in papers with a pen in his mouth, paper in hand and a student on the right.

Two staff members in the cafeteria

Photograph of two male staff members in the Douglas Centre cafeteria; Jake Braun, a physical education teacher, is standing on the right holding a tray and Ralph Swanson in the back on the left

Publicity Committee

Photograph of the Publicity Committee members posing in standing position in front of a window.

David Jordan

Photograph of David Jordan, Sessional Instructor in Geography; he is seated at a computer terminal


Photograph of chemistry professor Christine Cross.

Julia Emblen

Photograph of Dr. Julia Emblen, Director and Professor of Nursing, in a meeting with several people; Dr. Emblen is looking at Katherine Kidd and smiling

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