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Robert N. Thompson fonds
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Manuscripts - Robert N. Thompson Thesis

Sub-series includes a copy of a master's thesis on Thompson by Judith L. Johnston. The thesis is titled, "Robert N. Thompson: a Christian Statesman in Canadian Politics," and was submitted to the School of Public Policy at Regency ...

Vankevich, Judi Johnston

Manuscripts - Liberation

Sub-series includes notes, correspondence, drafts of various chapters, and financial records, and maps for a book published in 1987 under the title, "Liberation: the First to be Freed"01.03.08 - Personal History/Manuscripts/LiberationBox...

Manuscripts - A House of Minorities

Sub-series includes notes, correspondence, drafts of various chapters, and financial records for a book published in 199001.03.07 - Personal History/Manuscripts/A House of MinoritiesBox 07File 01 NotesFile 02 Book Cover and Promotional PamphletFil...

Manuscripts - On Parliament Hill

Sub-series includes notes, correspondence, and draft chapters for a book that was never published.01.03.11 - Personal History/Manuscripts/On Parliament HillBox 08File 01 NotesFile 02 CorrespondenceFile 03 Outline, Preface, Chapters 1-2File 04 Chap...

Manuscripts - Biographical History

Sub-series includes chapters written for a book that was never published on the topics of Thompson's "Political Involvement," "Christian Service," and on "The Marketplace."01.03.01 - Personal History/Manuscripts/...

Manuscripts - A Question of Identity

Sub-series includes an incomplete manuscript for a book that was never published01.03.13 - Personal History/Manuscripts/A Question of IdentityBox 08File 01 Manuscript; incomplete

Manuscripts - Personal Financial Management

Sub-series includes notes and a draft copy of a 48-page booklet on personal financial planning.01.03.12 - Personal History/Manuscripts/Personal Financial Management;Debt FreeBox 08File 01 ManuscriptFile 02 Draft Copy and Notes

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