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Bob Wenman, Benno Friesen, and Don Page

Photograph of Fraser Valley West MP Bob Wenman, former MP and founding Trinity faculty Benno Friesen, and Dr Don Page, addressing students in the gymnasium.

Bruce Lockerbie

Photograph of Bruce Lockerbie, faculty member and administrator at The Stony Brook School, 1957-1991. In 1989 he delivered the Staley Lecture at Trinity. A close-up portrait shot.

Speaker Alexander Zaichenko

Photograph of Dr. Zaichenko speaking at a podium. Zaichenko had served as an advisor to the Gorbachev regime in the Soviet Union.

Speaker Ravi Zacharias

Photograph of Ravi Zacharias, speaker, author, and founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) ca. 1984. He is standing at a podium, likely in the gymnasium.

Speaker Danny Barrett

Photograph of football player Danny Barrett speaking in the gymnasium; three students are standing behind him.

President Neil Snider with Dr. Charles Malik

Photograph of Dr. Snider with speaker Dr. Charles Malik, both speaking into microphones. Dr. Malik was was a Lebanese academic and diplomat. He was responsible for the drafting and adoption of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He ser...

Svend Robinson speaking during a debate

Photograph of Svend Robinson, MP, standing at a podium in the school gym. Faculty member Paul Chamberlain is seated at a table, in the background. The event was likely a debate, possibly about doctor-assisted suicide. Physician-assisted suicide.

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