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R. Neil Snider speaking

Photograph of R. Neil Snider speaking at a meeting in the Arts and Science Building.

Dr. Neil Snider

Photograph of a close-up head and shoulder shot of president Neil Snider, taken by a professional photographer in a studio

Table set up for the Soccer Marathon

Photograph of the table set up for the Soccer Marathon; a banner with a Bible verse on it is hanging in the background and a man is speaking into a microphone. Neil Snider is standing on the far left of the picture.

People socializing during a banquet

Photograph of Premier William Bennett, Dr. Neil Snider, Bob McLelland and a few other guests socializing during a "Bedford House dinner."

Neil Snider

Photograph of President Snider addressing Board of Governors members at a banquet.

Ground-breaking for Fraser Hall

Photograph of a ground-breadking ceremony. From the Spring 1978 (vol. 2 no. 2) issue of Trinity Western World: February 17, 1978 we broke ground for a three-storey, 68-unit student residence complex which will be located adjacent to the present three apartment blocks. This is a self-amortizing project and is being built at cost by Christian contractors. The units will replace the "temporary" dorms which were to last 5 years but are now going into their 17th year! The first phase of this complex will be completed during the 78-79 academic year. L to R: Mark Maxwell, student body president; Mr. Ray Nelson, member, President's Advisory Council; Dr. Neil Snider; Dr. Robert Thompson; Rev. Ken Lawrence, Chairman, Board of Governors. (p. 3)

Grand opening ceremony for the new library

Photograph of president Neil Snider addressing the assembly from a stage in the gymnasium during the grand opening ceremony for the new library in January of 1989

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