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Dr. Ken Davis

Photograph of Dr. Ken Davis working in his office; he is seated, and making notes on papers he is holding on his lap

Archery in the gym

Photograph of athletics faculty member Bill Kuba standing to the right in the gymnasium while holding onto a bow and arrow along with student Greg Kimball on the left


Photograph of Kenneth Mathys at his desk, talking to his secretary.

Instructor leaving the chapel

Photograph of physical education instructor Timothy Voss leaving the Calvin B. Hanson Chapel after a service; behind him are a number of students also leaving

J.A. Toews in a classroom

Photograph of J.A. Toews, a male member of the faculty, standing in front of a classroom witht he blackboard in the background.

Soapbox Derby

Photograph of two staff members in go-karts preparing to race during Homecoming Week, with a crowd of students and others in the background. Faculty member Dick Walters is pictured on the left, with David Thompson standing behind him. Ralph Swan...

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