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President's Reception in Ottawa - February 26

Audio 239a consists of the following recording:
Title: Dr. Neil Snider – “Ottawa - President's Reception, Feb 26, 1996”
As this recording begins, Hazel Campbell (TWU staff member) is just finishing speaking about her children's experiences at TWU. President Neil Snider then passes the microphone to MP Sharon Hayes, who comments on her daughter’s Trinity Western University experience. Deborah Grey (TWU Alumna), Caucus leader of the Reform Party of Canada, discusses her own Trinity experience, in the mid-1970s. Dr. Snider discusses the benefits of TWU, including its membership in the AUCC, its many programs, and its liberal arts approach. An unidentified woman - an Admissions Counsellor - is invited to speak on the benefits of TWU, and mentions the many opportunities to be involved. Dr. Snider discusses further benefits of TWU. Heather Thomson (Director of the Parents Program) is invited to speak. Dr. Snider takes questions from the audience. He concludes the event and music begins to play. At [39:59] this recording ends and the original content of the tape - contemporary Christian music - begins.
Audio 239b consists of the following recording:
Title: Gospel Music Today – “Music”
This section contains the original content of the tape, a sampling of contemporary Christian music on Gospel Music Today. Digitized sound file not attached, due to copyright restrictions.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

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