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Coat of Arms

Photograph of President R. Neil Snider and the Lieutenant Governor presenting the Trinity Coat of Arms in chapel. [Note that the “grant of arms” made by Lord Lyon of the Royal College of Arms, in England, was received by Trinity on the 10th of Dec...

Western Pentecostal Bible College affiliation

Photograph of Guy Saffold and Neil Snider with two administrators from WPBC, standing in front of a sign reading "Western Pentecostal Bible College." One of the two administrators may be Jim Richards, President. The photograph was like...

Fall convocation

Photograph of Terry Winter with R. Neil Snider on his left at convocation.

Signing agreement of affiliation between TWU and ACTS

Photograph of R. Neil Snider signing the agreement of affiliation between TWU and ACTS at a table in the conference room of the Robert N. Thompson Building; Gerry Kraft and Doug Harris are right of Snider.


Photograph of Neil Snider presenting a student with her degree, while David Twiest stands to the right, at the podium

Neil Snider

Photograph of President Neil Snider - portrait shot.

Kenneth Lawrence and Neil Snider

Photograph of administrator Kenneth Lawrence and Neil Snider seated in an office in front of a painting by Gerry Thompson

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