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Signing of ACTS Consortium

Photograph of the signing of the ACTS Consortium at a conference table in the Robert N. Thompson Building; Curtis Congo, Herb Stiurhahn, Guy Saffold, Elsie Watts, Julie Denis, Vern Middleton, John Bjorkstrom, R. Neil Snider, Doug Harris, and Gerry...

Donald Page presenting Adward Yang with his BBA

Photograph of Donald Page presenting Ming-Hsin Adward Yang with his Bachelor of Business Administration in Alumni Hall with R. Neil Snider looking on. (Yang's parents arrived from Taiwan three days late for graduation, so a private ceremony...

Neil Snider and Craig Seaton

Photograph of Dr. Neil Snider handing a gift to Dr. Criag Seaton, in recognition of his 20 years of service

The Yang family with some administrators

Photograph of Ming-Hsin Adward Yang and his parents standing together with Harold Harder, R. Neil Snider, and Donald Page in Alumni Hall on the occasion of Adward's private graduation ceremony, scheduled as such because his parents arrived fr...

Tenure celebration

Photograph of a group of faculty who had just been granted tenure at TWU, with administrators. Pictured are Dennis Jameson, Ned Vankevich, Craig Allert, Chad Friesen, Todd Erickson, Tony Cummins, and Neil Snider.

The donation of a 450-year-old Torah scroll to TWU

Photograph of TWU personnel with Torah scholars and donors on the occasion of the November, 2014, gift to the University. Those pictured include Marty Abegg, Bob Wood, Kent Clarke, former President Neil Snider, Paul Weme, and - front right - donor...

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