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Photograph of Neil Snider dressed in full regalia while on the stage in the chapel giving a degree to a male graduating student with Orville Lyttle standing off to the right looking on


Photograph of a mixed ensemble in matching outfits singing on stage at a graduation ceremony

Faculty processional

Photograph of Dr. Elsie Holmes dressed in full regalia while standing at the top of a set of stairs talking with Neil Snider during a faculty processional at a graduation ceremony


Photograph of Bruce Traub at the podium on the stage in the gymnasium, with faculty and administrators standing behind him


Photograph of Neil Snider presenting a graduate student with his degree


Photograph of a guest or speaker in uniform, saluting on the stage of the gymnasium, presumably during the singing of the national anthem

Speaker at graduation

Photograph of speaker Nicole Catherine dressed in cap and gown while posing outside after a graduation ceremony

Faculty dressed in regalia for grad

Photograph of three faculty members dressed in full regalia for a graduation ceremony, including Fred Thompson, Phil Weibe and Elsie Holmes

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