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Cramer, Elaine
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Staff member working

Photograph of an unidentified female staff member seated at her desk while working with a bunch of pink papers that are covering her desk

Cramer, Elaine

Seminary graduation 1992

Photograph of the family of one of the seminary graduates - Jim Aiken - sitting and standing together at a dining table during the ACTS graduation

Cramer, Elaine

Hazel and Bob Thompson

Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson sitting together at a dining table during the ACTS graduation

Cramer, Elaine

Dwight Johnson

Photograph of Dwight Johnson, Director of Church Relations, seated at his desk and talking on the telephone

Cramer, Elaine

Musician Ay-Laung Wang

Photograph of Ay-Laung Wang (also known as Ellen Wang) , holding her music and smiling at the camera. This photograph was taken in the gymnasium, likely during Fall Festival.

Cramer, Elaine

Staff members working

Photograph of two female staff members standing by a fax machine, looking at the camera smiling, Joan Gleddie is on the left; Candy O'Connor is on the right.

Cramer, Elaine

Concert Band

Photograph of members of the Concert Band posing near the Torch sign at the campus entrance, and holding their instruments. Instructor Paul Hoelzley is pictured on the far right.

Cramer, Elaine

Ron Kuehl and Development staff

Photograph of Ron Kuehl, Vice President for Development, standing and looking over the shoulders two Development staff members (one may be Inga Warnock?), who are working at a computer

Cramer, Elaine

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