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Fall convocation

Photograph of Ken Davis and Don Page in the recessional for convocation.


Photograph of Neil Snider presenting a student with her degree, while David Twiest stands to the right, at the podium

Fall Convocation

Photograph of Enoch Mattson and wife being greeted at the convocation.

Don Page teaching a class

Photograph of Dr. Don Page teaching a class - likely a MAL (Master's in Administrative Leadership) class in a small classroom. Seated amongst the nine students pictured are Candy O'Connor and Darcy Kehler.

Arvid Olson speaking in the chapel

Photograph of administrator Arvid Olson standing on the platform in the chapel while speaking during the Staley Lectures, easel with white paper and writing on it is behind him

Fall convocation

Photograph of R. Neil Snider, Keith Price, and Don Page on stage at the convocation.

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