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"Correspondence giving events leading up to the B.C. Crisis and the formation of the BC Social Credit League, 1949" [note on folder]

  • Correspondence including:
    · Solon E. Low, MP, and Major Jukes, President of the B.C. Social Credit Association, re foundation of BC Social Credit Party and the calling of the Annual Convention (Jan.3, 1949)
    · E. Manning, Premier of Alberta (Feb. 9, 1949)
    · H. Hall, Deputy Registrar of Companies, re Social Credit Association of Canada in BC (March 14,1949)
    · John J. Fitzgerald, President Social Credit League of Ontario (March 19, 1949)
    · L. Wicks, Convention Report 1949
  • Minutes of a meeting of the Executive of the BC Social Credit, April, May, June, Aug., Sept., and Oct., 1949
  • Agenda and list of delegates - Vancouver Convention April 8, 9, 1949
  • News releases re Convention (March 3* and 21, 1949)
  • Provincial platform, the BC Social Credit League (several copies, including a draft copy)
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Minutes of various meetings, including special meetings of presidents/members, emergency meetings, and Board/Executive meetings
  • Miscellaneous Social Credit leaflets
  • Convention Minutes, B.C. Social Credit League, Oct. 13, 14, 1950
  • Wicks' report to the National Council re events in B.C. leading to the crisis

Axe Head

Object is a metal axe head with a wood handle. The axe head was dug up on TWU property, likely originating from the one of the farms previously located on the land.

The Old Canadian Forest Products Locomotive #3

Photograph of the Old Canadian Forest Products Locomotive #3, BC department of railway #260. A 70 ton 3 truck Shay Geared locomotive built at Lima Locomotive Works in 1913. It is reported as being the first delivered to a Company in Eastern Canada and was later lost in the St. Lawrence River. It was later salvaged and purchased by Nimpkish Timber Company and put into service on Lower Nimpkish River in 1921. A new boiler was installed in 1929 and a new frame in 1944. It remained in regular service as a switcher locomotive for Woss or Vernon Camps.

Correspondence and Minutes, 1949-1950

  • Miscellaneous correspondence 1949 [approximately 70 to 80 pieces] including:
    · S. E. Low, MP, re oSocial Credit Association officially recognised in BC (April 20, 1949)
    · Peter Elliott, Executive Secretary, Premiers Office, Alberta to Mr. Pocklington re a Social Credit candidate for Vancouver ( May 27, 1949)
    · D. H. Sheppard, Director General of Income Tax, re the establishment of the status of the B.C. Social Credit League (Nov. 1 and Dec. 9, 1949)
    · Premier Manning, Alberta, Nov. 16, 1949, re proposed changes in the BNA Act to be presented to BC Government
    · Byron Johnson, Office of the Premier, BC, re Wicks' resolution dealing with the Hospitalization Plan in BC (Nov. 21, 1949)
    · Solon Low, MP, re development of a National Programme for Social Credit (Dec. 22, 1949)
  • Minutes of the Nelson and District Social Credit Group (Sept. 18, 1949)
  • BC Social Credit League Constitution and By-Laws
  • transcript of Live radio broadcast, re Canadian Heritage and the economy, presented by the Chamber of Commerce [2 copies]
  • Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the BC Social Credit League (Jan. 24, March 27, May 15, June 26, and Aug. 27, 1950)
  • Minutes of a meeting of Group Representatives at New Westminster, BC (May 20 and 26, 1950)
  • Press Release re Federal Government Funding for relief in the Okanagan Valley (June 12, 1950)
  • Agenda for the 1st Annual Convention of the Burrard Social Credit Association, (June 17, 1950)

Prince Salassie Medallion

Object is a gold-coloured medallion set in wood between two pieces of plastic/plexiglass. The medallion displays a crest and a bust along with Ethiopian lettering. The card inside reads "Presented to R.N. Thompson by Prince Makonnen Hailie Salassie Duke of Harrar June 1951".

Social Credit Convention and Election 1951-1952

  • Convention speech notes [on cue cards]
  • Convention agenda, minutes, and resolutions, New Westminster (Nov. 2 & 3, 1951)
  • Provincial Conference agenda and lists of representatives, New Westminster (Jan. 19, 1950)
  • Correspondence with Victor Quelch, M.P. for Acadia, re the war economy and the Bank of Canada (1949, 1951)
  • Correspondence with Solon Low, M.P. and national leader of Social Credit, re military training (1951)
  • Minutes of Board of Directors meeting (May 12, 1951)
  • miscellaneous items, including campaign slogan suggestions, lists of donors and committees, correspondence re changing the date of the Convention, etc.
  • Newspaper clippings*
  • Declaration and By-Laws
  • Minutes of a Board meeting (Nov. 3, 1951)
  • Minutes of an Administrative Executive meeting (Dec. 20, 1951)
  • “His Guiding Hand,” a poem by James Ayres of Kamloops (June 1952)
    *one article requires photocopying due to deterioration
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