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Ginny Westman at a conference table with faculty members

Photograph of Ginny Westman, a member of the student council, at a conference table in the Robert N. Thompson building with faculty members Phil Wiebe, Craig Evans, and Jack Van Dyke; probably an Academic Council meeting.

Fall Convocation

Photograph of student, Paul Elliott, at the podium at convocation.


Photograph of a faculty processional led by two female student ushers, with Neil Snider and Don Page leading the faculty

Cramer, Elaine

Students rehearsing dance moves

Photograph of students practising or possibly rehearsing for a dance performance called A Maze of Grace. Two male students are lifting a young girl, who is holding her arms outstretched. Other students are standing nearby

Student leaning over a typewriter

Photograph of a male student leaning over a typewriter at a desk while looking up at the camera with one finger in his mouth and a smile on his face

Aviation class posing in their aviation jackets

Photograph of an aviation class picture as the students pose while standing on the steps of the Arts and Science Building while wearing their aviation jackets; names are on back of photo

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