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Anniversary Plaque

Object is a wood board with a gold coloured plastic plaque reading "50th Anniversary, Robert and Hazel Thompson, May 4th, 1989 - Our Heartiest Congratulations and our deepest appreciation for your involvement in the E.F.C.C - Your friends of ...

Decorative Plate

Object is a decorative metal plate, possibly brass, with a tiger on the front and strings and tassels attached. The plate is labelled "Honourary Colonel Tiger Division Republic of Korea Army" while the engraving on the plate reads "...

Guest Book

Object is a blue guest book with writing inside that reads "1968 Election Conservative Committee Room, 25 May-25 June, Candidate Robert N. Thompson" and is signed by Thompson first.

African Money

Object is a wood box of items labelled "Primitive African Money"; 2 shells, 2 strings of blue beads, 3 black disks, and 1 yellow ring.


Object is a silver-coloured World Anti-Communist League souvenir coin reading "Greatest Anti-Communist Prophet: Pres. Chang Kai-Shek (1887-1975) of the Republic of China". The coin is in a blue velvet case with a card that reads "Di...

WACL Coin Set

Object is a World Anti-Communist League coin set in a red velvet box. The coins are gold and silver-coloured, reading "Freedom for All Mankind, Pres. Chang Kai-Shek of R.O.C. 1887-1975". The president is pictured on the front with the WA...

Pocket Watch

Object is a metal and glass pocket watch with a chain and a decorative pendant at the end, engraved. The metal piece reads "11-3-19". The watch is in a blue case which reads "Cejalvo Cruz, S, Madrid" on the inside.

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