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Photograph of Neil Snider shaking hands with Catherine Nicole (Both dressed in full regalia) while on stage during a graduation ceremony

Neil Snider signing a document

Photograph of Neil Snider signing a document. He is flanked by Barrie Palfreyman and Doug Harris. The note on the verso reads "ACTS," so presumably this photograph was taken in connection to the Associated Canadian Theological Schools

Ordination of Dr. Snider

Photograph of Neil and Marlie Snider kneeling during his ordination service; a group of men, including Kenneth Lawrence, David Enarson and Bruce Traub are gathered around them laying hands on them

Neil Snider and Dwight Johnson

Photograph of President Neil Snider with Dwight Johnson, of Church Relations, standing in an office, in front of a bookcase. They are holding a copy of the Pillar Yearbook.

Neil Snider posing with Jake Epp

Photograph of elected official, Jake Epp, posing with president Neil Snider after a graduation ceremony; both are dressed in full regalia and looking off to the right

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