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Sample Copies - Admissions

File consists of records including Insight and VIP Campus Tour pieces; View books and support pieces including application and calendar of events; Student fees 1997 - 1998; financial awards packets 1996 - 1997; awards certificate for recipient of special awards; program for Insight originally contained in a CD case; TWest Update; pre-registration guide 1998; program description brochures; Application for Undergraduate Admission; payment schedule 1998 - 1999; View Days 1998 - 1999 brochure; postcard; admission updates; student fee breakdown; personal reference for Nursing program; and Accepted Student Packet

Print dockets for projects including Nursing Guide, TWest Spring 2000 Timetable, ELSI [English as a Second Language International] Folders, community Standards, Meaning Conference Posters, Choir poster, Graduate Psychology Brochure, Choir Poster - Creation [Haydn], [TWest] Fall 2000 Timetable, RCE [Religion, Culture, and Ethics] poster, Library Link, Graduate Psychology Academic Calendar

File consists of records including sample copies of guides, course timetables, folders forms, posters, brochures, newsletters, bulletins, and academic calendars. For docket envelopes which also contain digital files on CD-ROMs, see docket number: 10161

Advanced Strategy/Marketing Matrix

File consists of records including Mission Statement: Public Affairs Department - undated; Marketing Matrix University Advancement TWU - undated; Strategic Issues Summary - undated; Strategic Planning Committee Major Strategic Issues 1991-1995; official approved version of the Mission Statement of the Public Affairs Department - undated; Division of Enrolment Management Mission Statements

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