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The Underground

"The official unofficial newsrag of TWU. Published at random intervals." May be missing some issues.
[Unofficial student newspaper; alternative paper]

Trinity Western Today; The Today; TWU Today

The official student newspaper published every two weeks during the academic year by the students and administrative staff for the entire campus community [source: TWU Today, Vol. 9 No. 5 1989].,
Title of publication varies:
1980-1985 Trinity Western Today
1985-1988 The Today
1988 Sept The TWU Today
1988 Fall The Today
1989-1990 TWU Today
1990-1991 The Today
1991-1994 TWU Today
1994-1996 The Today
Publication schedule also varies from year to year. For example, from November 27, 1980-April 5, 1990 published every two weeks. From October 3, 1990-March 23, 1992 published every three weeks. From September 1993-April 1994 published ten times every academic year. From September 1994-1996 published twelve times a year.
Likely preceded by The Echo (and one issue of Trinity Today, November 1980); succeeded by Mars' Hill.

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