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Richard Sawatzky

File consists of the following publication:

Richard Sawatzky. “The Measurement of Religious Concepts in Nursing,” in Religion, Religious Ethics, and Nursing. 2012. [book chapter]

Grant Havers; Allyson Jule

File consists of the following publications:

Grant Havers. “Kierkegaard, Adorno, and the Socratic Individual,” The European Legacy. 2013. [article]
Allyson Jule. “Sailing On: A Mid-Life Look at a Medical Marriage,” Results May Vary. 2013. [book chapter]
Allyson Jule. Gender Theory. ca. 2013. [encyclopedia entry]

Research Office

Kevin Schut; Lynn Szabo; Maggie Theron

File consists of the following publications:

-Kevin Schut. “The virtualization of LEGO,” LEGO studies: examining the building blocks of a transmedial phenomenon. 2014. [book chapter]
-Kevin Schut. “They kill mystery: The mechanistic bias of video game representations of religion and spirituality,” Playing with religion in digital games. 2014. [book chapter]
-Kevin Schut. “Media ecology,” The Routledge companion to video game studies. 2014. [book chapter]
-Lynn R. Szabo. “Why Thomas Merton Still Matters: Thoughts on a Man for All Times,” Merton Seasonal. 2015. [article]
-Maggie Theron. “A Model for the Facilitation of Wholeness of Registered Nurses who Experience Personal Disintegration due to Secondary Trauma,” Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research. 2015. [article]

Research Office

School of Graduate Studies Director's meetings (1999, 2001)

File contains records including: convocation program (10/01); "Fall 2001 classroom report," Office of the Registrar, Enrollment Services (09/01); "Position description," for the position title of Director of Graduate Admissions (n.d.); "Guidelines for cooperative thesis projects, MA program in Counseling Psychology, TWU (Trinity Western University)" (08/01); draft of "Schools:organizing and operating principles," contact person - Dr. Dennis Jameson, Academic Vice President (09/01); "Summary: procedures and practices for the design and delivery of eCourses at TWU," by Philip Laird, Director Global Mediated Learning Centre, TWU (11/01); first draft of "Strategic academic planning linkages and implementation strategies," by Dennis Jameson (n.d.); "Revisited prioritization criteria for graduate programming at TWU," by K. R. Davis, as revised by the Graduate Education Task Force (08/91)

Board of Governors materials for February 7-9, 2008 meeting

File consists of records including minutes; reports; policies; discussion papers; financial reports; statements; Developments in the Office of the Provost; Office of Policy, Planning and Research - Fall 2007 University Selection Survey.

Office of the President

Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Governors, April 29, 2007

File consists of records including minutes; reports; policies; discussion papers; financial reports; statements; draft of Anticipated Timeline for the Board Moving to Policy Governance (04/2007); The State of the University by Jonathan S. Raymond (04/2007); Water Supply Summary (04/2007); Campus Water Advisory (01/2007).

Office of the President

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