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Cramer, Elaine
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Science Centre - hard hat tour

Photograph of guests participating in a tour of the nearly-completed, new Science Centre - later called the Neufeld Science Centre. At left of centre Bert Friesen, Ron Kuehl, and Peter Van Giesen are pictured.

Cramer, Elaine

Child in cowboy costume

Photograph of a boy in a cowboy costume, at an activity table during Harvest Fest.

Cramer, Elaine

Seminary graduation 1992

Photograph of the family of one of the seminary graduates - Jim Aiken - sitting and standing together at a dining table during the ACTS graduation

Cramer, Elaine

Harvest Fest '95

Photograph of Trinity students and visiting children dressed up as pirates. This Harvest festival is taking place in the gym

Cramer, Elaine


Photograph of three members of faculty/staff dressed in full regalia, Sue Moomjean, Craig Seaton, and Paul Hoelzley

Cramer, Elaine

Hazel and Bob Thompson

Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson sitting together at a dining table during the ACTS graduation

Cramer, Elaine

Dwight Johnson

Photograph of Dwight Johnson, Director of Church Relations, seated at his desk and talking on the telephone

Cramer, Elaine

Musician Ay-Laung Wang

Photograph of Ay-Laung Wang (also known as Ellen Wang) , holding her music and smiling at the camera. This photograph was taken in the gymnasium, likely during Fall Festival.

Cramer, Elaine

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