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Administrators at a graduation ceremony

Photograph of Ken Davis and Neil Snider standing behind a podium at a graduation ceremony with faculty and administrators standing on the stage clapping


Photograph of Ken Davis standing behind the podium addressing the audience in the chapel with Neil Snider standing behind him and off to the side - both are dressed in full regalia

Rob Rausch receiving an award

Photograph of Rob Rausch receiving the Wayne Denny Memorial Scholarship, presented by Ivan Pettigrew at the Aviation Graduation Banquet and Awards Ceremony.


Photograph of Ken Davis standing behind a microphone with valedictorian Valerie Fodor

ACTS Graduation

Photograph of Tom Peachey receiving his hood from Don Page; he is graduating with his Master's in Theological Studies

Cal Townsend at Graduation 2013

Photograph of Political Studies and Religious Studies professor Calvin Townsend, receiving the Davis Distinguished Teaching Award; pictured at right, applauding, are administrators Phil Laird and Derek Dawson

Bill Acton at the Graduate Studies Graduation 2013

Photograph of William Acton, Linguistics professor and interim Dean of Graduate Studies, leading the singing during the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) graduation ceremony. Other members of the platform party are visible in the background

Graduate Allicia Luck

Photograph of student Allicia Luck being congratulated by Education Dean Kim Franklin. Scott Campbell, Bob Wood, and President Bob Kuhn are also pictured. This private graduation ceremony was held in Alumni Hall

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