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Christmas in the City gala

Photograph of six members of the TWUSA executive attending this annual fundraising event. Pictured are: Caleb Barkowsky, Jared Barkman (President), Rachel Schnitzer, Joshua Onwugbon, Matthew Greidanus, and Tricia Jeranie

Lees, Wendy

Trinity Western House

Photograph of unidentified students studying in Trinity House, located in Fort Langley

Alumni Weekend 2017

Photograph of an unidentified alumnus next to a display of archival material at an Alumni Reunion

Graduation 2017

Photograph of a student - likely Valedictorian MacKenzie Cameron - speaking at the podium during graduation ceremonies

Lees, Wendy

Orientation Week

Photograph of unidentified student leaders helping a new student moving in during O-Week

Orientation Week

Photograph of a group of unidentified students laughing and playing a card game in the Douglas collegium, on O-Day during O-Week

Orientation Week

Photograph of students in the gym, wearing Spartans toques and handing out new toques to new students, on O-Day during O-Week

Quanoes Student Leader Retreat

Photograph of students on the ferry, enroute to Camp Quanoes, on Vancouver Island, for the annual retreat. Most are unidentified. Former TWUSA president and now Resident Director Kelly Lamb (2012-2013) is pictured, third from left

TWU at the Supreme Court of Canada, 2017

Photograph of representatives of TWU on the steps of the SCC building in late November, when the case regarding TWU's proposed Law School went before the court. Pictured are Jesse Legaree, affiant in the case, lawyer and alumna; Special Assis...

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