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Robert N. Thompson fonds
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Manuscripts - From the Marketplace

Sub-series includes notes, correspondence, drafts of various chapters, and press releases for a book published in 1979, under the title, "A Christian Voice from the Marketplace."01.03.06 - Personal History/Manuscripts/From the Marketplac...

Manuscripts - Liberation

Sub-series includes notes, correspondence, drafts of various chapters, and financial records, and maps for a book published in 1987 under the title, "Liberation: the First to be Freed"01.03.08 - Personal History/Manuscripts/LiberationBox...

Manuscripts - Model Constitution

Sub-series includes notes, correspondence, drafts of various chapters, and promotional materials for a book published in 1982 under the titles, "Freedom and Prosperity under a Model Constitution" and (3rd ed., also 1982) "Canada Can...

Manuscripts - My Canada

Sub-series includes notes and correspondence pertaining to an essay Thompson wrote for a book published in 1984. Thompson's 2-page essay is called "Common Goals," and appears on page 132 of the text.01.03.10 - Personal History/Manu...

Manuscripts - On Parliament Hill

Sub-series includes notes, correspondence, and draft chapters for a book that was never published.01.03.11 - Personal History/Manuscripts/On Parliament HillBox 08File 01 NotesFile 02 CorrespondenceFile 03 Outline, Preface, Chapters 1-2File 04 Chap...

Manuscripts - Personal Financial Management

Sub-series includes notes and a draft copy of a 48-page booklet on personal financial planning.01.03.12 - Personal History/Manuscripts/Personal Financial Management;Debt FreeBox 08File 01 ManuscriptFile 02 Draft Copy and Notes

Manuscripts - Robert N. Thompson Thesis

Sub-series includes a copy of a master's thesis on Thompson by Judith L. Johnston. The thesis is titled, "Robert N. Thompson: a Christian Statesman in Canadian Politics," and was submitted to the School of Public Policy at Regency ...

Vankevich, Judi Johnston

Manuscripts - Unpublished Biography of R. N. Thompson

Sub-series includes correspondence, notes, articles, preliminary chapters, and a working outline for a book that was never published01.03.16 - Personal History/Manuscripts/Unpublished Biography of RNTBox 9File 01 Correspondence with Potential Publ...

Military Years/Ethiopia

This sous-fonds consists of records created during Thompson's military career, in Canada and Ethiopia, and during his work in Ethiopia with the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) and with the Ethiopian Government, under Haile Selassie.

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