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Deadline: The 2001 Video YearbookVHS tape.

Item is the video yearbook for 2001, which is also intercut with a dramatized feature film about the delivery of the video yearbook to the TWUSA office. Footage covers O-week, dorm interviews, the banana challenge, 'sock club,' student life, sports, international day, the harvest feast, christmas, chapel, the ultimate challenge, Quanos retreat, Hootenany, 'Canadian Girls vs. American Guys' hockey game, and other events. Item includes sports highlights.

Assassins 2 VHS tape.

Item is a student film following a group of students caught up in a competitive on-campus water-fight game called 'Assassins,' which begins to interfere with their academic and personal lives when they begin to take the game too seriously. It includes a blooper reel and two trailers.

Assassins: The 1999/2000 Video Yearbook VHS tape.

Item is the 1999/2000 Video Yearbook for Trinity Western University. It contains footage covering O-Week, field trips, Hootenanny, dorm skits, dorm interviews, The Challenge, Christimas banquet, Camp Kwanoes, Chapel, Sports, Mission Week, and the Athletics Highlights. It is intercut with a dramatic videography following the TWU tradition of the campus game 'Assassins'.

A Maze of Grace: Ask VHS tape.

Item is a recording of the live theatrical production of 'A Maze of Grace: Ask,' which heavily utilizes dramatic lighting, projections, and smoke machines. It features dance (contemporary, ball, ribbon, ballet) and a live band/vocalists. The recording is intercut with dramatic videography featuring individual stories.

A Maze of Grace 2001 VHS tape.

Item is a promotional video for the live production of 'A Maze of Grace: Entangled Untangled.' It features a collection of footage of the filmed production, with a digital overlay of different words (e.g., unconditional, wretch, entangled).

A Maze of Grace: The VideoL Entangled Untangled VHS tape.

Item is a video recording of the live theatrical production of 'A Maze of Grace: Entangled Untangled', which heavily ultilizes neon lights, projections, and smoke machines. It features dance (contemporary, hip-hop, tap, ballet, ribbon) and a live band/vocalists. The video includes a dramatic videographic intro featuring footage of a woman's life, cutting in between her attending parties, drinking alcohol, kissing boys, smoking, taking drugs, staring in a bathroom mirror, standing alone in a fast-motion crowd. Intro ends with her jumping from a tall building. The live production is also intercut with more dramatic videography of the forementioned woman's life.

A Maze of Grace: The Video.

Item is a video recording of the live theatrical production of 'A Maze of Grace', which heavily utilizes coloured lights and smoke machines. It features instermental/vocal music, dance (contemporary, hip-hip-inspired, ballet, ribbon), all performed by TWU students. It includes a dramatic videographic/photographic intro, as well as some performances being intercut with similar photographic/videographic visuals. Said photographic/videographic visuals of Vancouver depict people on the streets, homeless individuals taking drugs, churches, models posing in industrial sites, and rural landscapes.

Lyle Wicks fonds

  • CA TWU Wicks
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1931; 1942-1983; 1994; 2002

The fonds consists of professional documents relating to Lyle Wicks' political career and includes correspondence, reports, minutes, news releases, news clippings, campaign materials, government documents, and photographs.
These materials are sorted into two series:
Series 01: Social Credit Materials
Series 02: British Columbia Utilities Commission
The fonds also includes a collection of reports on the Workmen's Compensation Board and Act (1942; 1950; 1952; 1958; 1966)
In 2005/2006 two additional series were created:
Series 03: Reports of the Workmen's Compensation Board
Series 04: Photographs

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