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Photograph of fauclty member Deane Downey.

Choir members singing together

Photograph of the members of the choir singing together uniformly dressed in the Calvin B. Hanson Chapel, led by Benno Friesen; Marge Friesen is at the piano.

Timothy Voss

Photograph of athletics professor, Timothy Voss; yearbook photo.

Choir posing in the chapel

Photograph of the choir posing in the chapel with the women weating matching white dresses and the men wearing matching vests and ties - Instructor David Rushton is standing in the front at the left


Photograph of Helene Pauls, a French professor, standing outside behind a vehicle, talking with a student in front of Seal Kap House.


Photograph of a female faculty member seated at a piano inside a room.

Dan Brinkman and Brian Johnson

Photograph of Dr. Daniel Brinkman, Assistant Professor of Psychology, seated in his office with Dr. Brian Johnson, Associate Professor of Psychology; both are looking at the camera

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