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Office of the President Fonds
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Alberta Events - May 12 & 13, 1995

File consists of records including: notes, reports, itineraries, correspondence, lists of contacts and/or guests, other planning documents, summary of donations received, lists of members on various boards and advisory councils; Alberta Blitz Meeting Minutes (3/9/95)

Graduation 1995

File contains records including: correspondence, notes of Graduation Committee, invitations, programs, invoices and orders, a list of graduates, and a list of "Honorary Doctorate Recipients" (1996); brief biography of Honorary Doctorate recipient "Brian C. Stiller" (1995); "Governor General's Gold Medal (1995), acceptance speech by Victor S. Sohmen, Trinity Western Seminary" (1995)

The President's Circle.

File consists of invitations and programs for the President's Circle dinner events, invitations to the President's Circle golf tournament, and a booklet explaining the purpose of the President's Circle.

Strategic Planning documentation (1990-1991).

File consists of strategic planning documentation including identified values, a discussion paper "New Directions" for TWU's Strategic Planning Committees, environmental scan data, current statistics and perceived challenges.

The President's Dinner.

File consists of invitations, menus and coloured photocopy of table setting images, and a print out thank you received through email.

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