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Snider, Neil
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Dr. and Mrs. Snider

Photograph of Dr. Neil Snider with his wife, Marlie; they are posing on an armchair, in front of a fireplace. A professional photograph

Neil Snider's birthday or anniversary

Photograph of President Neil Snider wearing a fireman's hat and coat, and bending over to blow out candles on a cake; there are fire extinguishers on the table, and president's intern Tyler Douglas is visible in the background.

The 5th anniversary of the 1991 aviation accident

Photograph of Don Page, Academic Vice President, addressing the congregation in attendence at a memorial service, taking place in the Cal Hanson Chapel, on the fifth anniversary of the aviation accident of March 1991. Neil Snider is standing to h...

ACTS graduation

Photograph of Neil Snider congratulating an unidentified ACTS student during the graduation ceremony, which is taking place in a church

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