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Orientation Week

Photograph of two students handing out pop to new students arriving on O-Day during O-Week. Katie Doucette is pictured on the right

Orientation Week

Photograph of two unidentified students wearing banana costumes during O-Week. Likely this was related to the annual Banana Challenge event

Christmas in the City gala

Photograph of President Bob Kuhn - with his wife Renae beside him - addressing some of the students who would be attending this annual fundraising event

Lees, Wendy

Senior Art Show

Photograph of student and artist Marina Cui with some of her work at the SAMC's student art show called "Passages: Narratives of Identity and Space". This exhibit was featured at the White Rock Museum & Archives in April

TWU at the Supreme Court of Canada, 2017

Photograph of representatives of TWU on the steps of the SCC building in late November, when the case regarding TWU's proposed Law School went before the court. Pictured are student Jerry Birkenstock; affiant in the case, lawyer and alumna Je...

Adult Degree Completion Commencement

Photograph of an unidentified student - possibly valedictorian - addressing those gathered for the ADC graduation ceremony; members of the platform party, including Patti Victor, Don Page, Bob Kuhn, Bob Wood, and Phil Laird, are visible behind him

Lees, Wendy

School of Graduate Studies graduation

Photograph of graduating student Riley Reimer crossing the stage during the SGS Graduation 2017. Registrar Grant McMillan is pictured at left and Holly Porra, Executive Assistant to the Office of the Provost, is at centre

Lees, Wendy

Orientation Week

Photograph of six unidentified students wearing Spartans toques - and in some cases also Spartans t-shirts - and posing together on O-Day during O-Week

Orientation Week

Photograph of TWUSA President Jared Barkman speaking during the After Dark event, on O-Day during O-Week

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