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Ignatieff, Michael
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OttawaWatch 295: Service beyond a seat.

Article synopsis: Discusses the election of two temporary seats on the United Nations Security Council. Canada came third and withdrew when it became obvious that more votes would ultimately turn up in Portugal's favour.

OttawaWatch 288: There is a pattern, there...

Article synopsis: Discusses the phrase used in opposition government "There is a pattern, there...: to refer to the alleged practice to the current government to fire or fail to re-appoint officials who differ with the prime minister. The article also discusses Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner's private member's bill to abolish the long gun registry. Lastly, the article discusses Darrel Reid's move from deputy chief of staff in the prime minister's office to executive director for the Manning Centre for Building Democracy.

OttawaWatch 280: Questions for Clegg.

Article synopsis: Discusses Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff upcoming meeting with Nick Clegg, the new deputy prime minister of Great Britian and leader of the Liberal Democrats.

OttawaWatch 267: A new style coming?

Article synopsis: Discusses the Canada at 150 "thinkers" conference in Montreal where Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff spoke on a new style of democracy and taking a collaborative approach. The article then goes on to discuss collaborative goverance within a Canadian context.

OttawaWatch 259: Hopeful words

Article synopsis: Discusses from a politically co-operative perspective hopeful words spoken from both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Opposition Leader Michael Ignatief. In addition, the article discusses Harper's interest in global issues related to the health of mothers and children.

OttawaWatch 256: Words worth repeating.

Article synopsis: Discusses Lynn McDonald, then the MP for Toronto Broadview-Greenwood and her evangelical roots. The article also discusses the Op-Ed proposal from the Opposition Leader’s office by John McKay, the Scarborough-Guildwood Liberal MP and designated for Michael Ignatieff to connect with evangelical Christians.

OttawaWatch 234: In the eye of an Oppel.

Article synopsis: Discusses former British Columbia attorney-general Wally Oppel possible running for the Liberal party in the next federal election.

OttawaWatch 223: Agility and Stability.

Article synopsis: Provides an analysis on the concept of centre-right power-sharing, consensus, collaboration between the leaders of the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) and Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), on one hand, and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

OttawaWatch 218: Belated Easter greetings.

Article synopsis: Discusses the similarities and differences between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff's public Easter greetings.

OttawaWatch 208: Grey and Gibson.

Article synopsis: Discusses the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s new “coalition” with the Conservative Party. In addition, the article talks about the annual Mel Smith Lecture held at Trinity Western University where Deb Grey, a Reform/Canadian Alliance Member of Parliament spoke on "Power, Parliament and Preston Manning". The article also briefly discusses the upcoming Manning Networking Conference in March.

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