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Harper, Stephen
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OttawaWatch/CityWatch 378: The Epilogue.

Article synopsis: Provides thoughts about the Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau transition from a Conservative to Liberal federal government and whether the Liberals will focus on collaborative goverance between all parties.

OttawaWatch 377: Some Collaborative Thoughts.

Article synopsis: Discusses collaborative and conciliatory politics with the following examples: move by Danielle Smith and Wild Rose colleagues, to join the governing Progressive Conservative caucus, in Alberta; a hint by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, that carbon pricing by the Alberta government might be a good model for emulation by North America’s senior governments; the re-election in Surrey, British Columbia (BC) of a centre/right/left coalition at both the city council and school board levels; settlement of the teacher's strike in BC; and, the election of John Tory as mayor of Toronto.

OttawaWatch 348: A twist of hate.

Article synopsis: Discusses the message from a protestor on Parliament Hill "Why does Stephen Harper hate me" and what motivates individuals to belief such a message.

OttawaWatch 345: Totally invested.

Article synopsis: Discusses the quote "totally invested in the failure of others" spoken by J.C. Watts, a black Republican in response to the American political partics, the Republicans and Democrats. The author compares this quote to Canadian politics.

OttawaWatch 322: Conflict and the Extractive Sector.

Article synopsis: Discusses the four-year project known as Conflict Management and Prevention in the Extractive Sector (COMPES) to promote economic growth in Peru by reducing the impact of social conflicts related to the use of natural resources. The project's announcement came out of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) meeting in Hawaii.

OttawaWatch 307: Harper's first five years.

Article synopsis: Discusses the fifth anniversary of Stephen Harper’s becoming prime minister with significance as it relates to the fact that this anniversary will surpass the previous record for length of tenure of a minority government, held by Liberal Lester Pearson in the 1960s. The article also talks about Bob Rae, the Liberal foreign affairs critic and the Maclean's columnist Andrew Coyne suggestion that Harper should hire Bob Rae as his foreign affairs minister. Lastly, the article discusses the 26th (Lester) Pearson Peace Medal recipient, Ernie Regehr, a well-known Christian-rooted peace activist.

OttawaWatch 295: Service beyond a seat.

Article synopsis: Discusses the election of two temporary seats on the United Nations Security Council. Canada came third and withdrew when it became obvious that more votes would ultimately turn up in Portugal's favour.

OttawaWatch 294: Counting in Harperland.

Article synopsis: Discusses the debate over the long form census as to whether to make the completion mandatory or voluntary. In addition, the article reviews the title Harperland: The Politics of Control by Globe and Mail columnist Lawrence Martin.

OttawaWatch 288: There is a pattern, there...

Article synopsis: Discusses the phrase used in opposition government "There is a pattern, there...: to refer to the alleged practice to the current government to fire or fail to re-appoint officials who differ with the prime minister. The article also discusses Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner's private member's bill to abolish the long gun registry. Lastly, the article discusses Darrel Reid's move from deputy chief of staff in the prime minister's office to executive director for the Manning Centre for Building Democracy.

OttawaWatch 286: Peter, Peter, Helena and Rahim.

Article synopsis: Disucsses both interviews by Peter C. Newman from Maclean's Magazine and Peter Mansbridge with Helena Guergis, former minister of state for the status of women, who asked questions regarding Guergis/Jaffer story and the ramifications it holds for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the federal Conservatives.

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