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Harper, Stephen
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OttawaWatch 25: Fiscon Francis waves the "scary" flag.

Article synopsis: Analysis of Diane Francis, fiscal writer for the Financial Post, prediction that the Conservatives were too scary to win the next federal election and countered with suggestions that she as to why she was likely to be proven wrong.

OttawaWatch 28: Books and other distracting items.

Article synopsis: Provides an overview on two Lloyd Mackey books, The Pilgrimage of Stephen Harper, and More Faithful than we Think where he exlored the faith/political inferface in Canadian governance.

OttawaWatch 39: With The Hills in the Hot Room.

Article synopsis: Lloyd Mackey is interviewed by the Parliament Hill tabloid, The Hill Times and this piece highlights Mackey's writing on Stephen Harper, and what it is like to be a parliamentian journalist.

OttawaWatch 53: On the run.

Article synopsis: Discusses the upcoming Federal election on January 23, 2006 and encourages Christians to learn more about Conservative leader Stephen Harper.

OttawaWatch 54: Revisiting marriage.

Article synopsis: Discusses multiple views whether there is political will in the Conservative government under Stephen Harper's leadership to revisit the gay-marriage subject.

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