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Flint, Peter
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Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Governors, February 2017

File consists of records including minutes, reports, policies, discussion papers, financial reports, property assessments; Board Report: YTD Report and 2017/18 Annual Plan: Preliminary Look (02/17); In Memoriam of Peter W. Flint (1951-2016)

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Dead Sea Scrolls Institute (DSSI) event posters.

File consists of promotional posters for Dead Sea Scrolls Institute (DSSI) speaker events. Past speakers include: Dr. Marcus Tso (February 12, 2019), "A Brief Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls"; Ville Mäkipelto, Dr. Theol (November 14, 2018), "Rewriting Conquest Traditions in Late Second Temple Judaism"; Dr. Daniel Falk (November 14, 2017), "Why Repent? The Scriptural Motivation for Penitential Prayer in the Dead Sea Scroll"; Dr. Daniel Machiela (October 17, 2017), "Charity as a Theme in Some Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls" and Dr. Matthew Thiessen (October 17, 2017), "A Leper in the Hands of an Angry Jesus"; and Dr. Peter Flint, with TWU graduate alumni Dr. Kipp Davis, Dr. Andrew Perrin, Dr. Marvin Miller, and Dr. Dongshin Chan (February 23, 2016) "Re-imaging the Scriptural Past in the Dead Sea Scrolls".

Septuagint Institute faculty and students

Photograph of faculty, staff, and students involved in the Green Scholars Initiative’s (GSI) Greek Psalter Project. Pictured are Michael Johnson, Sue Funk, Elsie Froment, Peter Flint, Scott Carroll (with GSI), Craig Broyles, Karlena Nygaard, Rob Hiebert - Director of the University’s John William Wevers Institute for Septuagint Studies - and Nathaniel Dykstra

Memorials and Obituaries, 2014-2018

File consists of records including:
Email messages and order of service / program for Harro Van Brummelen (b. 1942; d. 2014)
Email message re passing of Hugh Walker (d. 2014)
Order of service / program for Ken Lawrence (b. 1929; d. 2014). Also the text of a tribute written by former TWU President Snider
Announcement and order of service / program for Russ Schmidt (b. 1943; d. 2014)
Newspaper obituaries for Ralph Swanson (b. 1919; d. 2014)
Copy of newspaper obituary for Muriel Hanson; one-pg brief biography (b. 1925; d. 2016)
Announcement, email message, and order of service / program for Peter Flint (b. 1951; d. 2016)
Email message re passing of Rink Beeksma; copy of online obituary (b. 1969; d. 2016)
Announcement re passing of Jake Kroontje (b. 1998; d. 2018); also a tribute written by a fellow student
Announcement and order of service / program for Stan Olson (b. 1941; d. 2018)
Email announcement re passing of Professor of Philosophy, Philip Wiebe (Phil Wiebe) (d. 2018); also text of eulogy presented by President Kuhn at the service; order of service / program.

The inauguration of the John William Wevers Institute and Septuagint Chair Campaign

Photograph of administrators, faculty, and Wevers family members during the December ribbon-cutting for the John William Wevers Institute. In April, the University announced that the family of the late Professor John William Wevers, Th.D., pioneer Septuagint scholar at the University of Toronto, had donated $400,000 towards the endowment of the Septuagint Chair. Those pictured include Jonathan Raymond, Jonathan Auxier, Dirk Buchner, Rob Hiebert, Peter Flint, Larry Perkins, and Bob Wood.

Septuagint Conference speakers

Photograph of Septuagint scholars including Rob Heibert, Peter Flint, Dirk Buchner, Leonard Greenspoon, Melvin Peters, Albert Pietersma, Ben Wright, Cameron Boyd-Taylor, and Larry Perkins.

Peter Flint poses for a photo at a Dead Sea Scroll Lecture.

Item is a photograph of Dr. Peter Flint posing with his right hand over his chest in front an enlarged image of a scroll with Korean text. There is a photographer with their back in the foreground. To the right is a table with three books and an opened water and juice bottle.

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