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Government Relations

File contains records including: correspondence, news releases, newspaper clippings, brochures, pertaining to Trinity's expansion to a four-year, degree-granting institution; "Justification and General Strategy for Expansion to Four Years, Presented to the Universities Council, by Trinity Western College" (01/77); "Government Relations Status Report, From Dr. Craig Seaton, To President Snider" (01/82); "Minutes of the Meeting of January 17, 1979 with Dr. McGeer, Mr. Veitch, Mr. McClelland, and Dr's Snider, Thompson, and Seaton" (01/79); "Special Meeting re Government Relations Called by President Snider" (12/78); "Brief to the Select Standing Committee on Standing Orders and Private Bills re An Act to Amend the Trinity Western College Act, From Universities Council of British Columbia" (03/77); "Trinity Western College, Brief to the Select Standing Committee on Standing Orders and Private Bills re An Act to Amend the Trinity Western College Act, For the President and the Board of Governors by Robert N. Thompson, Assistant to the President" [ca.1977]; "Document from Mr. Andy Soles' Office, A Statement of Policy Concerning the Granting of Privileges to Non-Public Post-Secondary Institutions in British Columbia" (11/77)

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Transcripts: Verna Havens; Doug Sneath

File contains the following transcripts:
Verna Havens - notes from an interview with Bob Fleet, 1980 [no accompanying recording found, as of 2007]
Aud. 250, Doug Sneath - transcript of interview with Ann Burgason and Doug Sneath, 1981. Focus of interview is Doug's work as Director of Business Affairs at Trinity. (11/81)

OttawaWatch 27: The Belinda effect.

Article synopsis: Examines the “Belinda Stronach factor” a Conservative MP who walked across the aisle in the House of Commons to become a Liberal.

OttawaWatch 28: Books and other distracting items.

Article synopsis: Provides an overview on two Lloyd Mackey books, The Pilgrimage of Stephen Harper, and More Faithful than we Think where he exlored the faith/political inferface in Canadian governance.

OttawaWatch 29: Desimplifying the so-con issue.

Article synopsis: In response to a Globe and Mail article, the article explains the historic Canadian complexity of social conservatism beyond being simply pro-life and pro-family.

OttawaWatch 32: C-38 -- where do we go from here?

Article synopsis: Discusses C-38 "The Civil Marriage Act" that extended equal access to civil marriage to same-sex couples while respecting religious freedom, and how pro-life, pro-marriage activists will continue raising their concerns against this act.

OttawaWatch 39: With The Hills in the Hot Room.

Article synopsis: Lloyd Mackey is interviewed by the Parliament Hill tabloid, The Hill Times and this piece highlights Mackey's writing on Stephen Harper, and what it is like to be a parliamentian journalist.

OttawaWatch 45; Nouwen-Strahl-Parker tales.

Article synopsis: Thoughts about Henri Nouwen, Chuck and Deb Strahl, Rob and Fran Parker, whose Christian faith shapes events that surround them in the political sphere.

OttawaWatch 46: Bulling in the body politic.

Article synopsis: Political analysis of the abusive behaviour in the House of Commons compared to the British Columbia legislature where conciliatory and collaborative politics were conducted.

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