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Item is a Jpeg image of a timeline that Lloyd Mackey created for their Doctorate of Ministry thesis at Tyndale University (seminary) that shows Lloyd's personal and professional timeline.

Wooden Abacus

Object is a two deck dark stained wooden abacus with light wood rods and dark stained beads. The upper deck has three beads per rod while the lower deck has five beads. The abacus contains in total 13 vertical rows of beads. The beam that separates each deck has a silver metal fastener and the frame has silver braces on all four corners. On the centre of the upper frame has nailed metal manufactorer plate in Chinese characters that reads: "Small, Zhejiang LeQing Craft Abacus factory, LeQing County Chengguan."

Nesting Gold Pyramids

Object consists of three nesting brass engraved pyramids. The inside of the larger and smaller pyramid has a masking tape label that says: "30 (B) Gold Pyramid" (larger) and "30 (A) Gold Pyramid" (smaller)

Pharoah's Queen Plate

Object is an engraved decorative brass plate with inlaid silver that features a side portrait bust of Pharaoh's Queen that could be Hatshepsut on a black background. The skin of the queen is brass and the other features such as the head piece and necklace are made of inlaid silver. The back has a triangular hook.

Rotary International Paper Weight

Object is a circular wooden paper weight with the rotary international logo made of metal affixed on the top. The logo features a black gear with the name written in gold in the tabique area. The paper weight has a bevelled edge. On the bottom has a dark red circular felt with a blue sticker with white lettering and the rotary international logo that says "Club No. 633, Chartered 1920, Riverside, California."

Rotary Club Addis Ababa Pendent

Object is a cloth printed pendent for the Rotary Club in Addis Ababa. The border has the Ethiopian flag colours (green, yellow, red) with the rotary international logo placed in the upper middle that features a golden gear with the name written in the tabique area. The black text is both Amharic and English reads "Rotary Club Addis Ababa" with crest below. The crest is centred with laurel wreaths wrap around on either side. The crest features a red cross in the centre with a white flower. Above the cross is gold band with a crown in the centre, followed ontop with a green band with a second gold crown on top. The pendent has a twisted cord of red and white silk like thread.

Office of the President from Republic of China Complimentary Plaque

Object is a marble plaque with the inscription in both Chinese characters and English on a raised bronze plate that reads "With the compliments of The Office of The President Republic of China." The bronze plate has the Taiwanese flag that features a red field with a yellow border and navy blue circle on the top, a white sun with twelve rays is on top of the blue. The plate has ornate corners. The back of the plaque has red felt affixed with a gold oval manufacturer sticker with Chinese characters that reads "Store of Yi Feng" and a number (02)3971316.

Old 78th Fraser Highlanders Plaque

Object is a wooden shellacked plaque with a mounted painted shield of the 78th Fraser Highlanders. The shield is red and white vertical bands with the motto "Je Suis Prest" in a blue banner with gold letters; translated "I am ready". Above the motto in cursive writing are the intials "G.R. II, LXXVIII" with a british crown above. Under the shield is gold ribboned banner "Old 78th Fraser Highlanders." The back has a plastic mount with manufacturing stamp "Made in Great Britian."

Gourd Flask

Object is a long bottom gourd flask held inside a hide patched case that is hand stitched with leather straps to cross over the body. The hide shows some fur on the lower half of the flask. The accession record "Memorablia" list explains that the flask was used for drinking water or cereal food.

Ethiopian Airlines Business Card Holder

Object is a white painted metal business card holder for Ethiopian Airlines. The text is written in red and outlined in black with a stylized lion standing with its front paws up an tongue. The holder contains empty manilla alphabetized card holders.

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