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Dr. Don Page (TWU Administrator) - February 23

Audio 97a consists of the following recording:
Title: Dr. Don Page - “Message at Kitchener Ontario” [possibly a banquet or fundraising event]
Dr. Don Page, Academic Vice President, lectures on the changing nature of Canadian society. He discusses the struggling economy in Canada and the Third World, as well as changes in the Asia-Pacific Region. He discusses the dynamic of greed and poverty and questions the ethical implications. He discusses genetic engineering. He asks, “Do we let science expand on what it finds possible, or what society finds acceptable, or what the taxpayer finds affordable, or what God says is morally acceptable?” He discusses changes in birth rates in Canada. Finally, he discusses the challenge of Christian students to develop in a secular system. He speaks to the importance of the Christian Leaders in Residence program.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Staley Lecture: Dr. Paul Marshall - November 17

Audio 84a consists of the following recording:
Title: Dr. Paul Marshall, Staley Lecturer – “Pluralism and Liberalism”
Dr. Marshall, political philosopher, professor, and author, continues his discussion of pluralism from the series that begins on Aud. 83a. He outlines the various ways, appropriate and inappropriate, of responding to pluralism. He argues that secularism is an inappropriate way to address public life. He defines and discusses liberalism at length. He discusses the importance of defining values through the Trinity Western University mission statement and community standards. He argues that liberalism detracts from the effectiveness of an institution such as a church, a university, or a marriage. He argues that there are other things that are valuable in the world, in addition to individual rights.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Universities Week: Jake Epp (Minister of Health) / Dr. Charles Malik (United Nations) - October 25

Digitized sound file for Aud 81b not attached, due to copyright restrictions
Audio 81a consists of the following recording:
Title: Jake Epp – “What is our Community?”
Hon. Jake Epp, Minister of Health, discusses extending ideas into the community. He then explores the definition of community and the impact of Trinity Western University students. He asks the students to look critically at society and evaluate it within their faith. He shares a personal anecdote about going to China. He discusses the journey to faith of a member of the communist party in China. President Snider thanks Mr. Epp for speaking.
Audio 81b consists of the following recording:
Title: Dr. Charles Malik – “Radio Discussion” - very poor quality
Dr.Charles Malik, President of the United Nations General Assembly from 1958 to 1959, speaks on Gorbachev and Reagan peace talks to someone, possibly journalist Jack Webster, on a radio station. He also discusses nuclear war. There are two different audio streams recorded one on top of the other, making this recording almost impossible to decipher. At [10:45] there is some discussion of Canadian politics. Don Johnson, Liberal MP joins the discussion. They respond to some phone calls. There is some discussion of prison riots with Roger Caron. The recording cuts off in the middle of a sentence. This recording is possibly from “The Coast” radio station, 97.1 CKAY.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Dr. Jerry Chip MacGregor (TWU Administrator?) - January 17 / Men With Shades (TWU Music Group) - January 18

Audio 76a consists of the following recording:
Title: Dr. Jerry Chip MacGregor – “Interview on Sex”
Dr. MacGregor is interviewed by Ron, a student, in regards to Christian sexual behaviour. This is part of a multi-day lecture series. Chip collected anonymous questions from the student body. He addresses the concepts of how far is too far, loneliness, guilt, abstinence, forgiveness, masturbation, what to do if a couple crosses the line sexually, and the spirituality of sex. He provides three keys to integrating spirituality and sexuality: a dynamic relationship with God, drawing standards outside the heat of the moment, and discussing standards as a couple. To recover, he recommends discussing faltering with God, reestablishing relationship with God, and correcting the behaviour. Finally, he discusses the effects of sexual abuse. [MacGregor served as Associate Vice President of Student Life at TWU in the early 1990s. He has also been a pastor, author, and literary agent.]
Digitized sound file not attached, due to copyright restrictions;
Audio 76b consists of the following recording:
Title: Men with Shades – “Performance”
An a cappella group comprised of four Trinity students performs a selection of mostly gospel music in front of a live audience.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Karen Longman (CCCU) - Staley Lectures Series - Wednesday, November 1

Audio 72a consists of the following recording:
Title: Dr. Karen Longman, Staley Lecture – “Take Heart”
Dr. Longman served from ca. 1980 to ca. 2000 as Vice President for Professional Development and Research at the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities In 1995 she presented the Staley Lecture at TWU. She opens with a prayer, and mentions the fact that the chapel service has been extended. She discusses Stephen Covey's book, the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” and the importance of developing one’s potential for God and His Kingdom. She reads from Galatians, 1Corintians 13, 2 Corinthians 3. She illustrates her points through personal stories. She argues that faith should be illustrated through love. In closing, she leads the group in prayer. At [22:48] a presentation already underway cuts in, and an unidentified person can be heard speaking about the concepts of “that’s the way it is” vs. “that’s the way God made it.” The speaker explores the concept of a Christian worldview. This recording cuts off suddenly.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

30th Anniversary Celebration - Dr. David Hocking - October 25

Audio 65a consists of the following recording:
Title: David Hocking – “Praising God”
Dr. David Hocking (pastor, Bible teacher, and radio broadcaster) discusses the importance of praising and glorifying God - the theme of Trinity's 30th Anniversary. He argues that it is the responsibility of all Christians to depend on God and act for His Glory. He discusses the difference between prayer and worry. He encourages students to rely on God. He discusses the relevance of Trinity Western University’s mission statement in glorifying God.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Dr. Stephen Hayner (Seattle Pacific University) - Staley Lecture Series - Lecture #3 - February 16

Audio 62a consists of the following recording:
Title: Dr. Steve Hayner, Staley Lecture series – “Sex and Marriage”
Dr. Steve Hayner, Vice President for Student Life at Seattle Pacific University since 1984 (and President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship from 1988 to 2001), speaks on Genesis 2 and marriage as part of the Staley Lecture series. He explores the difference between friendship, intimacy, and sexuality. He speaks to the importance of commitment. He discusses the transition to a sexual relationship after marriage. He discusses the importance abstinence through personal stories. He emphasizes the importance of communication in a relationship, over physical relations. He argues that love is commitment, and that the amount of physical expression should relate to the level of commitment between partners. He encourages the students to think about the message they are intending to send to themselves and their partners. He leads the students in prayer.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Chapel Service: Bob Botsford (Alumni) - February 20

Audio 5a consists of the following recording:
Title: Bob Botsford (alumnus) on Obeying the Call of God
TWU Alumnus Bob Botsford speaks during a chapel service. He speaks in an informal way, often rephrasing scripture with a modern context in order to reach his audience. He focuses first on his work with Youth Development International ( YDI ) and the possibility of developing a Youth Development International outpost at Trinity Western University. He reads from John Chapter 2, recounting the story of how Jesus turned water into wine. He focuses on the way Jesus takes the attention away from the bride, but in a positive way. The other point he draws from this story is that the servants are told by Mary, no mater what Jesus asks of you - just do it. The theme of obedience permeates the rest of Mr. Botsford’s talk. He then relates a story from Matthew 21 which involves the obedience of two sons to their father. From this story he extracts the point that even if what is asked of the individual is difficult, in the end it is only by following through on the command of the Lord that individuals are rewarded. Mr. Botsford encourages his audience to always follow the call of the Lord, to always keep Jesus present, and to be aware of one’s responsibilities to God. Mr. Botsford relates a personal story about his friend Ed Mitchell helping a deaf child discover Jesus. He again encourages his audience to live their lives placing Jesus Christ first. Finally, Mr. Botsford leads in prayer.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Evangelism Week: President Neil Snider / Gerhard DuToit

Audio 45b consists of the following recording:
Title: President Neil Snider – “Glorify God” and "The Mission of TWU" / Gerhard DuToit – (Faith Missions) "The Word of God"
There is some singing at the beginning of the recording. A student, Mike Hamilton, shares the story of his father accepting the Lord. The students pray for the continued intervention of the Lord. President Snider speaks in regards to the constant change in the world. He states that the mission of the University is personal development in Jesus Christ and the end goal is service to the Lord. He reads and examines John 16:33-17:5. He argues that one’s overall purpose is to glorify God. He then leads the students in prayer.
This section ends and a recording from another day begins. During Evangelism Week, Gerhard DuToit speaks to the importance of being accountable and available to God. He emphasizes that the Word of God should be precious to all Christians. He shares a compelling story about the murder of a Christian in Africa and the impact this person’s witness had on those who murdered him. DuToit relates the importance of preaching and relates a personal story of connecting to a stranger through the Word of God. He argues for continued witness to Jesus Christ and constant prayer. The recording cuts off in the middle of a sentence.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Slide Show Script: Men of Vision

Audio 313a consists of the following recording:
Title: Trinity Western College – “Men of Vision”
This recording contains a narrative originally used to accompany a slide presentation for Trinity Western College. This presentation focuses on the vision of the founders and on the creation of the school. The development of the school, particularly in terms of its faculty and buildings, is discussed. The impact of various individuals, such as David Enarson, Carl Fosmark, Calvin B. Hanson, Leland Asa, Enoch Mattson, Vernon Strombeck, David Twiest, Robert Thompson, and Neil Snider is highlighted. There is music through the length of the recording.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

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