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Students hanging out in residence.

Item is a photograph of two students seated on a floral pattern couch in a student residence both with their eyes closed. The student in the foreground wears an abstract design jumpsuit in pink, green and white and their hands are crossed over their chest. The student seated beside them is leaning back with their hands holding headphones over their ears. This student is wearing a white shirt, tie and blue pants. In the background on the bulletin board are the letters JTC for 'Junior Trinity College".

Ethiopian Psalter

This fragmentary remains of a Ethiopian Psalter is comprised of 50 folios bound into seven quires, and contains Psalm 93 through to Psalm 151, the Biblical Canticles, the Song and Songs, and the beginning of the Praises of Mary. On folio 27r there is an ornamental border at the top of the page.

Family Pocket Watch

Object is a gold pocket watch on a chain with engraved pendant with cursive initials and the date 11-3-19. The metal piece reads "11-3-19". The pocket watch is housed in a blue case with a metal clasp. Inside the case "Cejalvo Cruz, S, Madrid".

Seventh annual session of the Older Boys Parliament (December 25 - January 1)

Photograph of Older Boys Parliament (now called Youth Parliament) on front steps of BC Legislature building. Notables in the picture include Walter Owen who became Lieutenant-governor of British Columbia from 1972-1977 and his brother Milton Owen. L Wicks is second from the end, third row.

L. Wicks standing with several men in front of a shingles warehouse - October 16

Photograph of Dave Thomas, secretary of the Shingles Wavers Union, H.V. Whittall, manager, Ted Connor, sales manager, Percy Bengough, William Green, president of the AFOL, Frank Morrison, secretary of the AFOL, Fred Stevenson, president of the AFOL Shingle Wavers Union, George Kidd, president of the Huntting-Merritt Shingle Company Ltd., Ernie Akery, night shift foreman, George Gall, local sales representative for H.M.

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Boy Scouts patches

Object (RNT-ob-0113a) is a woven Boy Scouts patch with a red fleur-de-lis with gold stars in the outer leaves. The text "Boy Scouts" is embroidered in gold thread. The patch is tear shaped in olive green. Object (RNT-ob-0113b) is woven Boys Scouts Be Prepared patch in olive green with gold lettering. The text "Be Prepared" is inside a red outlined flag. The patch is oval shaped with the outer corners slightly raised upwards.

The Government of the Province of Alberta Prosperity Certificate

Object is a certificate reading "The Government of the Province of Alberta Prosperity certificate, Issued August 5, 1936", signed by William Aberhart - Social Credit, AB Premier 1935-43 and the Provincial Treasurer who's signature is unreadable. Writing in the corner reads "Presented to RN Thompson - 9 Sept 64". The certificate is framed in a black wooden frame.

William Aberhart - February 11 (1940); J.S. Woodsworth (1935); R.B. Bennett (1934)

Digitized sound file not attached, due to copyright restrictions
Audio 258a consists of the following recording:
Title: William Aberhart – “Edmonton Bible Conference” (1940) / J.S. Woodsworth – “My Political Views” (1935) / R.B. Bennett –“Canadian Bankers Association Speech” (1934)
In this recording, William Aberhart [Premier of Alberta between 1935 and 1943] emphasizes the [Social Credit] party motto “I mean business”. He leads a rally. Manning {Ernest? Premier of Alberta between 1943 and 1968 for the Social Credit Party of Alberta] acknowledges the support they have received. Aberhart offers an observation on the gospel of John, chapter 8. He asks for financial support. He offers a brief sermon on heaven. Singing is introduced, but is not recorded. Lord Tweedsmuir’s death is reported. The story of Ahab is recounted. Aberhart and someone referred to only as "Kennedy" banter back and forth on several issues. Aberhart recounts several compelling anecdotes from history. At [23:42] there is another fast forward. Aberhart discusses prophecy in light of present day events and responds to a letter. At [25:16] there is a distinct change in the recording. A radio promotional piece on the benefits of the Social Credit Party plays. At [28:16] a man announces that the next speaker will be J.S. Woodsworth [Winnipeg MP, 1921-1942]. Woodsworth speaks on his political beliefs and changes needed in Canada. At [31:32] a man announces that the next speaker will be R.B. Bennett. Prime Minister Bennett speaks to the Canadian Bankers' Association. He discusses post World War I Canada and the Great depression.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Boy Scouts Beret

Object is a wool Boy Scouts of Canada beret. The outside of the cap is made of forest green wool, with a kite-shaped embroidered patch readomg "Boy Scouts Canada" in yellow and a red fleur-de-lis. Both the internal cotton or polyester lining and leather rim are black. The internal lining is stamped with the following words "Official Beret Boy Scouts of Canada by Fashion Hat & Cap Toronto Canada," as well as "name," under which is a white square where the name "Robert" is written faintly in black pen. On the back of the cap, there are four eyelets that act as a laced closure. The lace on the closure and its black plastic aglets are black.

Royal Canadian Air Force Wedge Cap

Object is a Royal Canadian Air Force wedge cap. Grey-blue canvas comprises the outside of the cap, which features a gold emblem on the left side, depicting golden eagle and St. Edward's Crown. Two golden buttons stacked vertically adorn the front of the cap. The internal lining is grey satin, and thesweatband is comprised of brown velvet. An internal tag reads as follows: "MUIR Cap & Regalia Limited Manufacturers 51 Simcoe St. Toronto 2 Canada."

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