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Manuscripts - A House of Minorities

Sub-series includes notes, correspondence, drafts of various chapters, and financial records for a book published in 1990

01.03.07 - Personal History/Manuscripts/A House of Minorities
Box 07
File 01 Notes
File 02 Book Cover and Promotional Pamphlet
File 03 Bound Manuscript; Copy #1
File 04 Bound Manuscript; Copy #2
File 05 Overvew and FLQ; incomplete
File 06 Chapters 7-11; incomplete
File 07 Chapters 12-15; incomplete
File 08 Chapters 16-19; incomplete
File 09 Financial Records
File 10 Correspondence

Manuscripts - Robert N. Thompson Thesis

Sub-series includes a copy of a master's thesis on Thompson by Judith L. Johnston. The thesis is titled, "Robert N. Thompson: a Christian Statesman in Canadian Politics," and was submitted to the School of Public Policy at Regency University, Virginia.

01.03.14 - Personal History/Manuscripts/Robert N. Thompson (thesis by Judi Johnston)
Box 08
File 01 Manuscript
File 02 Manuscript, copy 2 (copy 3 is in the possession of Arnell Motz, of SIM Canada; borrowed following RNT's funeral service in 1997)

Vankevich, Judi Johnston

Prompt Books and Manager Scripts

Subseries consists of prompt books and manager scripts of productions, including script notes, sound and lighting notes, rehearsal show scripts, sound clues, costume design sketches, and contracts.

Manuscripts - Liberation

Sub-series includes notes, correspondence, drafts of various chapters, and financial records, and maps for a book published in 1987 under the title, "Liberation: the First to be Freed"

01.03.08 - Personal History/Manuscripts/Liberation
Box 08
File 01 Notes and Reference Materials
File 02 Maps
File 03 Photographs (photocopies)
File 04 Promotional Materials
File 05 Financial Records
File 06 Correspondence
File 07 Chapters 1-5
File 08 Chapters 6-9
File 09 Chapters 10-Index
File 10 Working Notes: Chapters and Appendix

Education - Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS)

Sub-series includes records pertaining to several courses Thompson was enrolled in at ACTS

01.09.04 - Personal History/Education/ACTS
Box 19
File 01 Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS), Correspondence (1989-1991)
File 02 ACTS, Grades (1990-1992)
File 03 ACTS, Course Schedules (1990-1991)
File 04 ACTS, Theology, Ministry and Personal Development (July 1989)
File 05 ACTS, New Age (July 1989)
File 06 ACTS, Preaching in Romans (July 1989)
File 07 ACTS, Apologetics (October 1989)
File 08 ACTS, Biblical Ethics (July 1990)
File 09 ACTS, Thesis Seminar, MTS (Fall 1990)
File 10 ACTS, Thesis Proposals (1990-1992)
File 11 ACTS, Change, Power and Conflict Management (November 1991)
File 12 ACTS, Counseling Dysfunctional Families (February 1992)
File 13 ACTS, Independent Study Course, Leadership (March 1992)
File 14 ACTS, Notes and Presentation on Leadership and on Church & State (1985)

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