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Series consist of publicity files including previews, reviews, printed promotional material and press information about the performance.

Production records

Series include production lists, prompt books and manager scripts, sound and lighting notes, rehearsal show scripts, costume design sketches, programs and posters.

Briefing Binders.

Series consists of numbered briefing binders containing reports, proposals, and discussion points regarding patriation of the Constitution. Briefing binders were collocated for the meeting of Officials on the Constitution, the Federal-Provincial Continuing Committee of Ministers on the Constitution, the First Ministers' Conference on the Constitution, and Premiers' Meetings.


  • CA TWU Wicks-4
  • Séries
  • 1929-1931; 1944; 1950-1969; 2002
  • Parte de Lyle Wicks fonds

This series consists of photographs donated by Lyle Wicks to the Archives. Most of these images are government photographs, and document government events and ceremonies, primarily during the 1950s

British Columbia Utilities Commission

This series consists of records created and accumulated by Lyle Wicks during his service with the B.C. Utilities Commission. Predominant dates are 1970 to 1972. Records include proceedings of hearings, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

Social Credit Materials

This series consists of records created and accumulated by Lyle Wicks during his service with Social Credit in B.C. Predominant dates are 1949 to 1960. Records include correspondence, minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings, campaign papers, and newsletters

CityWatch 2014 and 2016 articles.

Series consists of articles written for CityWatch in 2014 and 2016 and include the following:

  • CityWatch 377: Some Collaborative Thoughts
  • CityWatch/OttawaWatch 378: The Epilogue
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