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Political Years

This sous-fonds consists of records created during Thompson's political career in Canada, first with the Social Credit Party (1960-1968) and later with the Progressive Conservatives (1968-1972), and includes correspondence, campaign materials, newspaper clippings, and political speeches and broadcasts.

On shelf: Engineering Study - Alaska Highway: Canadian Section (1966)
The Speakers' Handbook - prepared by the Research Office of the Official Opposition (1972)
(Includes entries on 18 subjects and biographies of Stanfield and Trudeau)
The Trudeau Record - prepared by the Research Office of the Official Opposition (1972)

Military Years/Ethiopia

This sous-fonds consists of records created during Thompson's military career, in Canada and Ethiopia, and during his work in Ethiopia with the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) and with the Ethiopian Government, under Haile Selassie.

Post-Secondary Institutions

This sous-fonds consists of records created during Thompson's work as an educator and administrator at various post-secondary institutions. Record types include course descriptions, minutes, and correspondence.

Objects and Artifacts Related to Robert N. Thompson

Sous-fonds consists of various artifacts and objects that showcase Robert Thompson's personal, military social, educational, and political life. The collection includes textiles such as military caps and badges and a family kilt, jewelry, medals and pins, baskets, metal, stone and wood statues and figurines, swords and daggers, and organic objects such as a peacock fan and a fly swish made of horsehair. In addition, there are plaques awarded and given in recognition for Thompson's involvement in numerous organizations. The collection also includes a small sample of political cartoons.

Organisations - General, A to Z

This sous-fonds consists of records created during Thompson's involvement in various organisations and includes correspondence, minutes, and reports.
The most significant organistions, in terms of Thompson's involvement and/or the comprehensiveness of archival holdings, are the following:
78th Highlanders
Chambers of Commerce (Langley, Surrey)
Chiropractics (misc.)
Christian Business Men of Canada
Committee for Justice and Liberty
Evangelical Fellowship
Evangelical Free Church of Canada
Ethiopian Consulate
Fraser Academy
Gospel Recordings Inc. (LRI)
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Military and Hospitaller . . . St. Lazarus
Prayer Breakfasts
Samaritan’s Purse
Sudan Interior Mission
Solomon Benevolent Foundation
World Concern
World League for Freedom and Democracy (Freedom Council, WACL)
World Vision

Personal History/Biography

This sous-fonds consists of records created in Thompson's private life, and includes personal correspondence, legal records, manuscripts and notes pertaining to books written by or about Thompson, copies of speeches, information regarding medals and awards received, newspaper clippings, articles, and documents pertaining to Thompson's own education.

Norma Marion Alloway sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of a collection of sea shells, a photograph and a handwritten invitation.

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