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Photograph Collection Wilson, Sandi
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Erica Grimm-Vance

Photograph of Fine Arts faculty member sitting in front of her easel

Wilson, Sandi

Marilyn Drebert

Photograph of Development staff member Marilyn Drebert, posing with her motorcycle helmet and her dog; the dog is wearing a kerchief labelled "St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs."

Wilson, Sandi

Don Page

Photograph of Dr. Don Page sitting at his desk

Wilson, Sandi

Carl Tracie

Photograph of geography professor Carl Tracie, sitting, with his hands crossed

Wilson, Sandi

Eve Stringham

Photograph of professor Eve Stringham sitting at a microscope

Wilson, Sandi

Rick Sutcliffe

Photograph of Computing Science professor Rick Sutcliffe holding a copy of a draft standards document for information technology to which he contributed

Wilson, Sandi

Carole Mastin

Photograph of alumna Carole Mastin seated on the floor, holding a coffee cup

Wilson, Sandi

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