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William Aberhart - February 11 (1940); J.S. Woodsworth (1935); R.B. Bennett (1934)

Digitized sound file not attached, due to copyright restrictions
Audio 258a consists of the following recording:
Title: William Aberhart – “Edmonton Bible Conference” (1940) / J.S. Woodsworth – “My Political Views” (1935) / R.B. Bennett –“Canadian Bankers Association Speech” (1934)
In this recording, William Aberhart [Premier of Alberta between 1935 and 1943] emphasizes the [Social Credit] party motto “I mean business”. He leads a rally. Manning {Ernest? Premier of Alberta between 1943 and 1968 for the Social Credit Party of Alberta] acknowledges the support they have received. Aberhart offers an observation on the gospel of John, chapter 8. He asks for financial support. He offers a brief sermon on heaven. Singing is introduced, but is not recorded. Lord Tweedsmuir’s death is reported. The story of Ahab is recounted. Aberhart and someone referred to only as "Kennedy" banter back and forth on several issues. Aberhart recounts several compelling anecdotes from history. At [23:42] there is another fast forward. Aberhart discusses prophecy in light of present day events and responds to a letter. At [25:16] there is a distinct change in the recording. A radio promotional piece on the benefits of the Social Credit Party plays. At [28:16] a man announces that the next speaker will be J.S. Woodsworth [Winnipeg MP, 1921-1942]. Woodsworth speaks on his political beliefs and changes needed in Canada. At [31:32] a man announces that the next speaker will be R.B. Bennett. Prime Minister Bennett speaks to the Canadian Bankers' Association. He discusses post World War I Canada and the Great depression.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011

Vespers (1996 Graduation) - April 26

Audio 254a consists of the following recording:
Title: Many Speakers – “Vespers”
The recording begins with piano music. At [6:45] an unidentified woman - possibly a student - addresses the graduating class. She discusses what it means to be a light for God. At [9:00] the group is led in prayer by an unidentified man - possibly another graduating student. The group is led in songs of praise, possibly by one of the chapel worship teams, a mixed group acompanied by a piano, synthesizer, drums and guitar. At [25:24] a second unidentified woman (later referred to as Carmen) is invited to speak. She reads from Romans 8, about the love of God. Another unidentified woman speaks, reflecting upon her Trinity Western University experience as a transfer student. The group is again led in song.
Audio 254b consists of the following recording:
Title: Many Speakers – “Vespers”
This is a continuation of the event on Aud. 254a. The group is led in songs of praise. This section of the recording features a mixed group [chapel worship team?] singing a variety of Christian songs accompanied by a piano, drums, synthesizer, and guitar. At [3:16] an unidentified man leads the group in prayer. He then shares his testimony. At [9:13] an unidentified woman speaks on revival. At [11:20] another unidentified woman reads Isaiah 40:28-31. At [12:57] an unidentified man recounts his grade five encounter with C.S. Lewis. At [18:10] the music resumes. At [22:14] an unidentified woman [Suzanne] - the same woman featured at the beginning of Aud 254a - makes some closing comments. At [24:00] Peter Van Giesen, Director of Alumni Relations, briefly discusses alumni benefits. He introduces Deborah Grey, MP, who is presented with the first Alumni Award of Distinction. Stephen [Steven Friebel? Alumni Association President] is invited to speak. He discusses his experience of graduation. He is cut off in the middle of a sentence.
Notes provided by BF, student assistant, 2010/2011
Commencement Speaker

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