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Legal Challenge Collection Serie
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Neil Snider

Series consists of correspondence, both internal and external; various documents generated by the courts; minutes of committee meetings; university publications.

Snider, Neil

Harro Van Brummelen

Series consists of minutes of meetings, articles, correspondence (including copies of email messages), and a copy of a paper written by Dr. Van Brummelen and lawyer Kevin Sawatsky after the Supreme Court decision, titled "Colliding Rights in the Schools: TWU v. the BCCT" (2002).

Van Brummelen, Harro

Glen Forrester

Series consists of minutes and agendas of committees; correspondence; planning notes for the October 2000 Prayer Rally.

Joy McCullough

Series consists of summaries of proceedings at both the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, prepared by Guy Saffold; correspondence; a copy of a Factum from the Supreme Court.

McCullough, Joy

Media and Publications Department

Series consists of a CD-ROM containing the TWU Legal Challenge Website; audio and video recordings of news reports and radio interviews; correspondence from Randy Schmidt (Director of Media and Publications Services, TWU, at the time of the court case); university publications; press packages

Media and Publications

Guy Saffold

At the time of the court case, Dr. Guy Saffold was the Executive Vice President of TWU. During the Legal Challenge he was appointed TWU's spokesperson, and was responsible for communicating with the media, as well as with Baker Newby, the legal firm representing TWU.
Series consists of correspondence with supporters, critics, legal firms; summaries of court proceedings; and court documents.

Saffold, Guy

Court Documents

Series consists of copies of various legal documents produced during proceedings at the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the British Columbia Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada

Newspaper Clippings

Series consists of newspaper clippings and photocopies of articles published in both local and national newspapers.