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Financial Development

Series consists of records documenting various fundraising campaigns and programs, investment programs, foundations, feasibility studies, grant proposals, as well as information regarding government grants and Church Relations

Financial Records

Series consists of the financial records of the Development department, including budgets and invoices. Some copies of the Comptroller's reports are also filed here.


Series consists of internal and external correspondence, direct mail, memoranda, and campus bulletins. Correspondence with donors is filed here, but some is interfiled with Series 03 materials.


Series consists of personnel records, office policy statements, and materials documenting various staff and faculty retreats

Events and Public Relations

Series consists of records documenting various events, including fundraising banquets, tours, excursions, Open House days, and Homecoming; copies of various university brochures and publications are also filed here, as well as scripts (transcripts) for several slideshow (slide show) presentations.


Series consists of records including speeches, addresses, and some external publications

Academic Development

Series consists of records documenting the academic development of the school, including proposals, scholarships, enrolment statistics and summaries, library acquisitions, and various student services. Some of Robert Thompson's course materials are filed in this series, as well as some building plans.

Acts, Charters, Bylaws

Series consists of copies of the acts, charters, and bylaws that govern the school

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