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Papers of Faculty: Selected Published Materials
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Alice A. Asa

File consists of records including: Education Report prepared for Faculty of Inservice Training, Trinity Junior College, by Asa (1963), general information sheet on Alice E. Asa and Leland F. Asa (undated)

Allyson Jule

File consists of the following publications:

Allyson Jule. “Is This the New Girl Order?: Representations of Post-Feminist Identities in Sex and the City,” in Sex, Gender, and Christianity. 2012. [book chapter]
Allyson Jule. “Masculinity as Public Performance: Gendered Language Patterns and Religious Identity in a College Classroom,” in Gender and Sexual Identities in Transition: International Perspectives. 2008. [book chapter]

Allyson Jule; Derrick Klaassen; Janelle Kwee; Sara Pearson; Dorothy Peters; Rick Sawatzky; Arnold Sikkema; Andrea Soberg

File consists of the following publications:

Allyson Jule. “Gender Theory.” ca. 2012. [article]
Allyson Jule. “Are We Doomed? Why Christian Colleges and Universities Must Lead on the Issue of Gender Equity and Why They Don’t.” 2012. [book chapter]
Allyson Jule. “Princesses in the Classroom: Young Children Learning to be Human in a Gendered World,” Canadian Children. November 2011. [article]
Derrick Klaassen. “Das Geistliche Leben Trauernder Eltern,” Existenzanalyse. 2011.
Janelle Kwee. “The Adult Survivor: What Healing Is and Is Not.” 2011. [book chapter]
Sara Pearson. “‘The Coming Man’: Revelations of Male Character in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre.” August 2011. [conference paper]
Dorothy M. Peters. “The Scrolls and the Scriptures on the Margins: Remembered in Canons or Forgotten in Caves.” 2011. [book chapter]
Dorothy M. Peters. “Noah Traditions within the Cultural Mosaic at Qumran: Multilingual Conversations and Controversies.” 2011. [book chapter]
Dorothy M. Peters. “‘In Whose Hand the Sword’? Divine and Human Initiatives in the Dead Sea Scrolls.” November 2011. [conference paper]
Richard G. Sawatzky. “A computer-assisted approach to filtering large numbers of documents for media analyses,” International Journal of Social Research Methodology. January 2012. [article]
Richard G. Sawatzky. “Stress and Depression in Students: The Mediating Role of Stress Management Self-efficacy,” Nursing Research. 2012. [article]
Richard G. Sawatzky. “Latent variable mixture models: a promising approach for the validation of patient reported outcomes,” Quality of Life Research. August 2011. [article]
Richard G. Sawatsky. “Sacred spaces in public places: religious and spiritual plurality in health care,” Nursing Inquiry. 2011. [article]
Arnold E. Sikkema. “Nuancing the place and purpose of the physical aspect in biology and emergence,” International Journal of Multi Aspectual Practice. May 2011. [article]
Arnold E. Sikkema. “Responses to and Remarks on van der Meer and Stafleu on Physics, Biology, and Emergence.” August 2011. [conference paper]
Arnold E. Sikkema. “Christian Engineering Education in Canada.” 2011. [article]
Andrea Soberg. “Understanding the Real Imbalance When Conducting Human Resource Planning,” European Journal of Management. 2011. [article]
Andrea Soberg. “Teambuilding and Teamwork: Creating an Effective Work Environment.” ca. 2011. [workshop]

Barb Astle; Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham; Bill Badke; Michael Bodner; Janet Epp Buckingham; Matthew Etherington; Amanda Flint; Kim Franklin; Sonya Grypma; Geraldine Jordan; Janelle Kwee

File consists of the following publications:

-Barbara Astle. "Interprofessional host perspectives on global health competencies” (Abstract). Annuals of Global Health. 2015. [article]
-Barbara Astle. “Building and sustaining a global educational partnership in nursing: Setting up for ‘Success’” (Abstract). Annuals of Global Health. 2014. [article]
-Barbara Astle, Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham and Caroline A. Burgess. “Motivation and international clinical placements: Shifting nursing students to a global citizenship perspective,” International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship. 2014. [article]
-William Badke. "When Everything is Down," Online Searcher. March-April 2014. [magazine column]
-William Badke. "Those Baffling Assignments," Online Searcher. May-June 2014. [magazine column]
-William Badke. "Who Owns Information Literacy?" Online Searcher. July-August, 2014. [magazine column]
-William Badke. "Knowledge is a River," Online Searcher. September-October 2014. [magazine column]
-William Badke. "The Convenience Factor in Information Seeking," Online Searcher. November-December. [magazine column]
-William Badke. "Research is a Narrative," Online Searcher. January-February 2015. [magazine column]
-William Badke. "Mythbusting: Seven Google Myths that Complicate Our Lives," Online Searcher. May-June 2014. [magazine article]
-Michael E. Bodner. “The effect of parental presence on weight-related discussions between physicians and their overweight adolescent patients,” Clinical Pediatrics. January 2015. [article]
-Michael E. Bodner. “Weight-related SMS texts promoting appropriate pregnancy weight gain: A pilot study,” Patient Education and Counselling. 2014. [article]
-Michael E. Bodner. “Weight's up? Predictors of weight-related communication during primary care visits with overweight adolescents,” Patient Education and Counselling. 2014. [article]
-Janet Epp Buckingham. “TWU has followed the rules, now so should the bar,” JUST Magazine. 2014 [magazine article]
-Matthew Etherington. “Aboriginal Perspectives and Issues in Teacher Education,” Journal of American Indian Education. 2015. [article]
-Matthew Etherington. “Introduction,” Foundations of Education: A Christian Vision. 2015. [book chapter]
-Matthew Etherington. “Christianity and special education: The concern for the blind and the deaf,” Foundations of Education: A Christian Vision. 2015. [book chapter]
-Amanda Flint. “Relation of Firm’s IOS with Future Profitability and Earnings Persistance,” Accounting Information Review. June 2014 [article]
-Kimberly Franklin. “Reflections on change leadership in a faith based teacher education program,” Leadership for change in teacher education: Voices of Canadian Deans of Education. 2015. [book chapter]
-Sonya Grypma. “Baccalaureate nursing education: has it delivered? A retrospective critique and a call to action,” Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership. 2014. [article]
-Geraldine J. Jordan. “Elimination communication as colic therapy,” Medical Hypotheses. 2014. [article]
-Janelle L. Kwee. “Removing Barriers to Athlete Performance Enhancement: A Hermeneutic Case Study of OEI,” The Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology. 2014. [article]

Barbara Astle; Harold Faw; Sonya Grypma; David Jordan; Rick Sawatzky; Bill Strom

File consists of the following publications:

Barbara J. Astle. “Students Connecting Critical Appraisal to Evidence-Based Practice: A Teaching-Learning Activity for Research Literacy,” Journal of Nursing Education. November 2012. [article]
Harold W. Faw. “Predicting Drivers’ Behavioural Intentions: Sometimes We Can Do It.” June 2012. [conference paper]
Harold W. Faw. “To Signal or Not to Signal: That Shouldn’t Be the Question,” Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2013. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Returning Home: Historical Influences on Home Healthcare in Canada,” Home Healthcare Nurse. September 2012. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Religion and Ethics in Pluralistic Healthcare Contexts,” Journal of Christian Nursing. 2013. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Regarding Mrs. Chase,” Journal of Christian Nursing. 2012. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Health and Medicine in Twentieth-Century China,” China Medical Board. 2012. [article]
David A. Jordan. “A Preliminary Dendrochronological Analysis of Mountain View Conservation Area Crown Lands in Fort Langley, BC.” 2013. [report]
Richard Sawatzky. “Guidelines for secondary analysis in search of response shift,” Quality of Life Research. April 2013. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “The privileged normalization of marijuana use – an analysis of Canadian newspaper reporting, 1997-2007,” Critical Public Health. 2013. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “Discourses of spirituality and leadership in nursing: a mixed methods analysis,” Journal of Nursing Management. 2012. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “Understanding the Landscape: Promoting Health for Rural Individuals After Tertiary Level Cardiac Revascularization,” The Journal of Rural Health. 2013. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “Relative importance measures for reprioritization response shift,” Quality of Life Research. 2013. [article]
Bill Strom. More Than Talk (Fourth Edition). 2013. [book chapters]
Bill Strom. “Contractualism, Commitalism, and Covenantalism: A Worldview Dimensional Analysis of Human Relating,” Communication Studies. 2012. [article]

Bill Badke

File consists of the following publications:
William B. Badke. Research Strategies (Second Edition). 2004. [book]
William B. Badke. Research Strategies (Third Edition). 2008. [book]

Bill Badke

File consists of the following publications:
William B. Badke. "Graduate Online Information Literacy: The ACTS Experience," Association of College and Research Libraries. 2007. [article]
William B. Badke. "A Champion of Information Literacy," Online. May / June 2007. [article]
William B. Badke. "Blind Co-Browsing, Teachable Moments, and the Power of Gaming," Online. July / August 2007. [article]
William B. Badke. "Give Plagiarism the Weight It Deserves," Online. September / October 2007. [article]
William B. Badke. "Training Plagiarism Detectives: The Law and Order Approach," Online. November / December 2007. [article]
William B. Badke. "If Everything is Miscellaneous..." Online. January / February 2008. [article]
William B. Badke. "What to Do With Wikipedia," Online. March / April 2008. [article]

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