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CityWatch 375: Observing The Shift.

Article synopsis: Discusses the role of faith in the life of a community that shifts as the population changes in response to the author's recent move to West Village, City Centre in Surrey, British Columbia. The article also discusses Surrey City Council and NightShift street ministries that operates in the Whalley neighbourhood in Surrey.

Manual, Draft 3

Item is a PDF document of a draft manual outlining how to develop ChristianCurrent, a local community newspaper. The manual identifies tools and levers and how they can interplay to make the newspaper a very helpful and strong presence in its community. Manual sections include Community Relations, Administration (time management), Content, Advertising, and Distribution. The manual consists of 21 pages.

More Faithful edited manuscript.

Item is a PDF file consisting of 119 pages of the unedited manuscript of More Faithful Than We Think: Stories and Insights on Canadian Leaders Doing Politics Christianly. In this manuscript, Mackey shows how Christians in the public wrestle with political ideologies and realities. The manuscript was based on material previously published in the author's columns: Capital views, OttawaWatch and Doing politics Christianly.

OttawaWatch 345: Totally invested.

Article synopsis: Discusses the quote "totally invested in the failure of others" spoken by J.C. Watts, a black Republican in response to the American political partics, the Republicans and Democrats. The author compares this quote to Canadian politics.

OttawaWatch 1: Darfur and the 3D strategy.

Article synopsis: During 2004, Darfur, a battle-tense region on the west side of Islamic-controlled Sudan, was commanding worldwide attention. A November, 2004, Ottawa committee meeting highlighted Canada’s interests in the region, which was the subject of something known as the Darfur genocide. This account traces sometimes-typical multi-party approach to tackling global social development human rights issues.

OttawaWatch 100: Straight goods on political sex talk.

Article synopsis: Discusses journalist Barbara Kay's column in the National Post that synthesized an Ottawa conference lead by the Centre for Cultural Renewal, days before the same-sex marriage vote, where Kay stressed that politics makes 'strange bedfellows' when spekaing about traditionally-minded Canadians an their views on marriage.

OttawaWatch 101: Hath not God said?

Article synopsis: Discusses when one is overly assertive about God spekaing directly to them in relation to a column by Tom Korski, entitled The best and worst of the rich political news pageant of 2006, in particular a worst forecasting piece by evangelist Pat Robertson who announced that a tsunami would strike the west coast of BC by the end of the year.

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